Boo lag, Hooray beer

I played a little MUD1 last night, while writing the post.

I was within sight of the rank of Legend (44,871 points, only a couple of resets), when I got a little careless during a dwarven genocide spree. I’d obliterated nearly the entire dwarven realm and decided now would be a good time for a refreshing wafer. So rather than stop and rest, I trotted over to where I knew one to be.

There was a long pause between my last command an my arriving in the destination room, and when finally the packets did flow again, and as I was typing ‘eat wafer’, along came the notice that I was being attacked, had been thumped, and fallen down dead.

Character deleted.

Oddly, aside from being annoying in that “Oh, I didn’t win the lottery?” sort of way, it made me remember that I hadn’t had a beer in several weeks.

To fork, or not to

So the phases of the moon and stars have swung around once more to that points where my interest in dabbling with one of my old coding projects has been rekindled.

I guess in some senses its like the REM state of coding, clearing up various concepts and notions that I’ve used and wanting to try them out in a different context and see how they play.

For this particular project, however, I actually have a chance to play with some design considerations that I’ve never really bothered to persue before…