Boo lag, Hooray beer

I played a little MUD1 last night, while writing the post.

I was within sight of the rank of Legend (44,871 points, only a couple of resets), when I got a little careless during a dwarven genocide spree. I’d obliterated nearly the entire dwarven realm and decided now would be a good time for a refreshing wafer. So rather than stop and rest, I trotted over to where I knew one to be.

There was a long pause between my last command an my arriving in the destination room, and when finally the packets did flow again, and as I was typing ‘eat wafer’, along came the notice that I was being attacked, had been thumped, and fallen down dead.

Character deleted.

Oddly, aside from being annoying in that “Oh, I didn’t win the lottery?” sort of way, it made me remember that I hadn’t had a beer in several weeks.


you should come play Second Life with us

we need people who can easily understand basic scripting languages and make us more weapons :)

besides, it is good free advertising for the game

check out the vid the ww2olers were mentioned in:

no no come and play original EQ again!

I’m playing Insomnia: The Waking Nights right now. When I’m done with that I’ll let you know :/

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