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But I couldn’t resist. When I was watching the Lebonese ambassador to the UN give his speech last week, was I the only one that noticed, in his plea to the Israelis for a ceasefire and peace, that he hoped that all parties would come to a rapid and lasting “final solution” for the peace. (I wish I could find a transcript). In any other context, it was just the correct wording. But I couldn’t help be wonder if that phrase wasn’t … chosen or careless, given the context.


LOL. (ahem)

Anyways, I read somewhere that Germany didn’t want to send ground troops to the UN peacekeeping force to be stationed in Lebanon, due to the risk of them having to engage in firefights with the Isrealy army. As in, it german troops shooting at jews.

Can’t blame them really. Would make for first class outrage material in the hands of a demagogue.

The only final solution I can think of takes the form of a mushroom cloud.

you can always hope. We’ll see what this week will bring out of Iran they are suppossed to be giving a response on their nuclear program.

Any bets that they(Iran) detonate a test bomb before the end of the year?

Ahh yes, the famous ‘just nuke em’ solution.

I wonder if anyone who’s ever spoken the idea actually thought it out logically.

Looks like it interpreted my “

Looks like it interpreted my “place greator than or less than symbol here” as html markups. The first line was meant in a cynical manner. It goes with the phrase final solution.

teach me to post

Freudian slip?

If you noticed it then it was intentional, blatant even. It’s not like speeches like that get written up by some intern or are given off the cuff without extensive preparation.

Shush – I’m just resting my eyelids for a half hour while Doc makes another new th_blitz.

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