Finally, time off…

I’ve got 3 days off this week, I’m probably gonna use them to clean up at home, sit on the porch with the cat, I might bother Dana for some transportation tomorrow night. It’s not exactly a vacation, but I’ve needed some downtime for – well, nearly 2 years ;) When I asked Rafter for the time off, he thought I was nuts only asking for less than a week, but hey, it’s a reset week so at least two of those days would be a complete waste if I *was* working.

I’ve been listening to old music, finished Strata by Terry Pratchett, watched 2010 from my Netflix queue, and generally lazed out.


Go somewhere, enjoy yourself.

I always wondered what MMORPG staff did in their free time. When my wife went to New York for 3 days, I played MMORPG’s for 3 days straight, leaving only to refill the box of Popeye’s fried chicken and get more beer. When she’s in town, an hour is about all I can get, now and again, and she makes me do that weird exercise activity and eat that green crunchy stuff.

MMOG staff with free time?


Oli – you going to AGC?

No =( I *really* want to, but I need to make my time off actual relaxation downtime. Rafter suggested I take off until the end of next week but I told him there was no way that I would actually get all of that time off (and of course there’s the reset, there’s the …. project and Gophur’s general need to get features that didn’t make 1.24 delivered). I’ve been trying to get some of that since Xmas nearly killed me, and you’ve seen how bad I’ve been getting lately =/ That’s not downtime tho, that’s outtime, and it’s no more restful than a loud conversation with Doc. Dana has continually stalled me off with “just”s, and I’m too much of a workaholic (don’t laugh) to argue that. I’d tell you what changed that but you really don’t want to know ;)

First weekend in april next year is the minicon.

Get your ass back home for it.

You could even drag that world of wankcraft lovin freak asnade to radstock with you :P

No promises. I’m supposed to die next year so I’m not crazy on flying.

2010…someone forgot to tell Arthur C. Clarke that politcal stalemates easily become history while geostationary orbits do not. pffft. Watch Blade Runner…again.

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