Leaf from Toto’s book

Hey, Bruce, gimme a hollar if you guys decide to go to BBQ for lunch this week? :)

Magic Bullet

I think one of my best purchases in the last few years has to have been my Magic Bullet blender. Ok, so I admit, I bought it in a moment of weakness. The (annoying) advert had been playing back-to-back during an 8 hour overnight WWII session, and I was brainwashed. But I happen to like milkshakes, and I needed a blender. So, for $99? Why not?

I’ve not been particularly adventurous with it; but I’ve used it fairly regularly to make shakes-in-the-cup, salsa and queso. It’s worked superbly, and my favorite aspect is that when you’re done, you drop in 1/4 cup of water, a dash of washing up liquid, put it on the blender again for 5s and you’ve washed up.

It seems to be a great batchelor kitchen utensil, unfortunately most of the recipies that came with it are aimed at parties and families – maybe they’re expecting to sell it mostly to bored housewives?

My kitchen here is a little pokey, and I’ve still not gotten used to the American variants of various staple foods – bread, baked beans, even milk, are all subtly different. (So I still order the occasional care package from England with Heinz Baked Beans with hotdogs, Angel Delight etc).

Any of you got/used one of these? Any cool ideas for things to do with it?

I’ve started contemplating moving to a different apartment complex and maybe upgrading to a 2 bed; the complex that Gophur lives in is pretty nice, and it even has the advantage of being a little closer to work ;) Mostly because the kitchen here is *so* pokey. Forget swinging a cat in it, the cat wouldn’t fit, never mind yourself.

But in the meantime, the Magic Bullet and Bowflex ads on TV recently have started being replaced with kitchen utensil ads. One that caught my eye is the NuWave infrared, counter-top oven. Just listening to the ad in the background, as they explained the system, I had an idea that I thought would radically improve this system.

I’m curious if any of you have tried either of these products, but I’m also curious how I would go about doing something about my idea? It’s not as simple as “make it blue” or something along those lines, it’s a concept for a complete system, I guess. I could call them up and suggest it to them, out of the goodness of my heart, but I actually think there might be some money in this idea, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some of it.

I also think it has applications beyond this particular oven, possibly microwaves too. Do I need to try and patent it before giving the idea to someone else? How the heck do you go about doing that?