Leaf from Toto’s book

Hey, Bruce, gimme a hollar if you guys decide to go to BBQ for lunch this week? :)


Now that’s the stuff.

This blog just became compulsory reading whereas before it was just of great interest to me. :)

Keep it up!

That hotel they are building lookd awsome



A fine moment of Zen for an ex-smoker. But you only need one person to hold the cigarette…why two chix?…

…seems a waste, really…

…somehow…interrupting the smoking thought..a bit…

can’t put my finger on it.

Joker; I think they’re just trying to calm their nerves before…


Man, I am sorry, I missed this post. I can’t remember if we went to BBQ Thursday or not. Oh well, too late now anyway.

Nice addition to your post…keep it up

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