Hereby ordered to…

Well, not really. But those of you genuinely interested in game design, I really do recommend that, no matter how much you hate text interfaces, you Give Mud A Try. It has an in-browser client that makes it less painful than playing in telnet.


MUD1 is a fascinating insight into the transition from Single- to Multi- player. It is, undoubtedly, a terrible multiplayer game. It nearly brings me to tears writing that. I don’t care if you’re Raph Koster and never played MUD1 before developing Legend, you will have been affected by the lessons learned in MUD1 either in the design of your MUD lib or in the ideas and expectations your players brought in the early days. The same way that Meridian 59, UO and EQ have affected every MMO game since, even if the developers never played them.

Vested Interests

I don’t do politics, and you can be relatively confident you won’t be afflicted with them when you visit this blog. But as a Brit raised in a nation under terror, I have to express my frustration that whenever the the topic of todays politics come up, I am stonewalled from any discussion as being unable to understand life under terrorism. If I point out the long list of terrorist attacks that I can remember by the IRA during my lifetime on my home nation, blowing up shopping malls, apartment complexes in the city, cars, etc, it’s dismissed on the grounds of simple body count.

That, more than anything else, sets my sensibilities teetering. I want to vomit when someone in all sincerity tries to tell me I don’t understand terrorism after one event, nearly as far from him as my country is, that took less than 1/10th of the lives lost to terrorism in England during the course of my life, outweighs any thoughts or knowledge or insight to terror I might have because the IRA never got the same body count in one hit.


Bugs, apparently.

I was able to drop hulks in pretty easily, and despite my annoyance at not having time to think about it, the STO system is robust and well defined enough that even I couldn’t break it. On the other hand, we’ve had all sorts of problems with hulks so far, but on the client end. Hulks on bridges are a no go because we don’t actually know where bridges are except on the client, and we don’t know, therefore, if a hulk is on a bridge. Uhm.

Had a few quirks with Ramp’s new squad stuff, but whatcha think to this?

It fell from the sky…

Walking my cat around 11.10pm CDT, there was an incredibly bright flash that cast stark, sharp shadows, a bluey-white, like lightning, which made me do a double take because the sky had been clear a second ago. I looked up, there was a plane south, perhaps southwest, and just off to the right of it, I saw a blue trail about 1 degree long fro south to southwest, dissapearing about 3-10 degrees removed from the plane, and immediately thought “wow, a meteorite”.

But it had been a pretty darn bright flash, and I looked up at the plane, actually wondering for a second if something had been fired at it.

The reason I was skeptical wasn’t terror, but because I’ve seen meteorites in roughly the same area of the sky on a few occasions now. The first one was about … maybe a year ago, and it broke up into a variety of colours and for a moment I thought it was a firework.

Google map of the area

So is there any particular reason we’d see these so much more often than I used to in England? I used to look for them back then! We’re under one of the landing path’s of the shuttles, maybe other stuff, could it be detritus from launches or stuff orbiting or do you just get more debris falling to earth at these lattitudes?

Doh, talked myself out of lunch

Couple of players – chaos33 and tincap – swung by the office and Doc is leading a Lunchtime Raid on Bennigans. I’m starving but I’d promised to have the squad names in the vehicle updates within a couple of hours, and as usual I found the host sneakily hinders rather than co-operates in a critical section (the squadnames aren’t on the right host right now).