Cookin’ with gas!

So I’ve spent another 3 hours working on my little backchannel project…

Too Easy?

There has to be a gotcha.


The back channel experiement (see my previous two posts) seems to be going well…

It’s never that easy!

So I brought down the internal dev cluster, shipped the experimental build to it, stowed the database, replicated the beta database across to it, stowed the private vehicle tables (thblitz), updated the binaries, ran the initialize process and brought up the cluster (with its ultra simplified management interface, see below) and waited for it to crash.

Frozen backchannels

I needed a break from Brigade OIC/TOEs, and with it being close to the weekend, I was tempted to dabble. Slapped myself on the wrist and decided I should probably take a look at the “updates backchannel” concept I started toying with a while back. And since I’ve got to sit here monitoring some stuff anyway…

Who designs these farkin’ things?

So my laptop is once-again near to useless. A couple years ago I blogged about how my laptop’s power cable had broken near where it plugged into the machine. Someone suggested a kensington adapter thingy, which I bought and which lasted about 5 months before developing the same problem. I’m not exactly careless with my laptop, but it does seem that the large extruded plastic blob they put about 1-2 inches down the cable to make it hang down stresses the cable specifically causing the problem.

I theorize that based on the fact that my second kensington is now manifesting the same problem. I can get it to work (like now) by partly balancing the laptop on the blob to tuck the cable under it. Unfortunately its not entirely stable so things like, say, typing can nudge it enough to break the connection and shut the machine down.

Also, since switching to Kenginstons, my Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop – once a high end wonder – has a <50ms battery lifetime.

 BzzCHCKT – the new sound of choice of this poor thing.

In terms of weight, size, keyboard etc, it’s a great little box and I’ve been having a hard time finding a laptop that compares in those categories. Then again, I don’t think I can afford one now that wouldn’t be an equally menial spec (Celeron 650, 256mb ram),  and ideally if I’m going to splash on laptop I’d like it to be capable of loading solitaire or notepad faster than my desktop pc loads word.

Apparently, changes have been made

Nicked from our Wiki entry.


Taxi to victory!

Multicrew: disfunctionality

Imagine you move into a new house and ask a cable provider to come in and connect up cable so that you can watch tv in the upstairs back bedroom. You offer an extra $500 if they can get it done in time for Friday and the first new Battlestar episode. So they send 3 guys, one for the outside, one to do the interior wiring and one to fit the sockets and connect things up.

Point missed

Some few of you (presumably the ones who don’t like reading, so go find some other passtime than not-reading someone’s blog) have come to the conclusion that these last two threads indicate a 180 change or an abandonment of the development track.

Strange hole to climb out of

WWII Online is over 5 years old now. Somehow it survived a launch that should have killed it, and having had 4 years to get intimate with the codebase, I say again, it survived a launch that should have killed it. But it’s still here. A different game in so many ways, but as a dev team and as the game’s community we’re still chasing a game that others felt evaporated along with the “fresh print” smell after they opened the box.

Thanks, Gnasche ;)

The new banner will do nicely for now; it’s certainly an improvement over the default one :) Although I’m still open to any offerings :)