Captain Burgess

Rickb stops by my office with this weird thing in his hand that looks like something out of StarTrek. Then he waves it at me, and I realize he’s looking for a floppy drive. He was halfway down the corridor when I noticed that one of my machines *does* have a floppy drive, so we gave it a shot – in the unlikely case it was plugged in.

Have you used a floppy drive recently? We hadn’t. He put the disk in, I copied the files off for him, he reached to press the eject button, and we both did a bit of a double take. The green light means something right?

The files we were copying were less than 2kb in total, and it took longer than copying a 10mb file across the network or downloading a 1mb file from the internet.

How freakin’ weird :)


Actually feels like a new day for the first time in such a long time. I’m not quite to looking forward to going into the office, but it’s a fantastic break away not just from a screen but from even thinking about one.