You people =)

All joking aside, a certain post of mine has illicited quite a few personal messages from some of you. I think there’s a tiny little factor you might have forgotten to include in interpreting my claim to having been “bored”…

Working Wednesday

So many interesting emails and pms :) Got my email and catchup out of the way today, spent some time in the forums – which always feel good to come back to. Various bits of code started on or picked up, but nothing concrete. We had a meeting about source control, working out how best to get Sebastian’s code integrated and whether this is the right time to change SCS.

And to one person in particular… Thank you for the offer, but if I suddenly find myself that way inclined, I’ll buy my own ;) Unless of course you planned to come with them? :) A pic of that with box might be worth it :) I wanted to remove it, not, erh,¬†expand on it.

Rafter seemed to keep looking down at my shoes today. Couldn’t help but chuckle :)