Working Wednesday

So many interesting emails and pms :) Got my email and catchup out of the way today, spent some time in the forums – which always feel good to come back to. Various bits of code started on or picked up, but nothing concrete. We had a meeting about source control, working out how best to get Sebastian’s code integrated and whether this is the right time to change SCS.

And to one person in particular… Thank you for the offer, but if I suddenly find myself that way inclined, I’ll buy my own ;) Unless of course you planned to come with them? :) A pic of that with box might be worth it :) I wanted to remove it, not, erh, expand on it.

Rafter seemed to keep looking down at my shoes today. Couldn’t help but chuckle :)



Oooo! We could do our own version of that pic!


Hey, that’s Ewa Sonnet on the right. Big fan of her strip routines to cheesy music.

Just remember some vacation is better than no vacation.

My favorite vacation was a 4 day jaunt down to cancun during the y2k gear up. Partied with some college students from veracruz. They practiced English. I practiced drinking cerveza’s. Slept on the plane, slept on the bus, slept on the beach. Saw the pyramid at chitza nitza, and saw the clubs, watched the sunrise every morning before going to bed.

Now vacation is when my wife takes the kids up north to see her family and I stay home to work.

Get Sebastians code integrated?

What is Sebastians code about…and who is he?

Never heard of him…

And what is SCS?

Yeah I know, lots of questions but I am a nosey person :-)

And Ines Cudna on the left. Both are very popular on a certain newsgroup…. :)

“Improvements may not work within the vicinity of Hull.” – KFS1

BAH! I always said there was something wrong with people from South of the Humber! Must be all the Fish Fingers they eat!

Sebastian has been working on a key project: TPS (the Toenail Painting Simulator). When complete, players will be able to paint their toenails whatever color they want. Eventually, we will apply the arm patch system to allow players to add things like glitter effects, stars, rainbows and even unicorns.

Of course, many TPS reports will be generated.

Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?


Excellent Bloo….is there a way to modify that system so I can also use some lipstick, or eyeshadow, lip gloss and stuff like that?

Maybe also jewellery?

I believe you’re looking for “” not wwii, hc. Look for me there as “carol anne kirsty brigitte omg I can’t decide”

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