You people =)

All joking aside, a certain post of mine has illicited quite a few personal messages from some of you. I think there’s a tiny little factor you might have forgotten to include in interpreting my claim to having been “bored”…

I don’t drive, can’t drive, still haven’t gotten my new H1B visa certificate – only the receipt for it, so I can’t start learning. And I live in Texas.


… because sometimes you need the Power of 3. Back to blades for me after a year on the electric shaver, first time I’ve used a blade and my face didn’t fall apart.


hurray for asian chicks! I’m sorry did you post something KFS? =)

I think he is trying to up the price on my offer to bring the outfits if he will pose for a pic with me! I meant the one from the totos post, kfs1 and you know it!


Interestingly enough, I do remember a certain house warming party where a couple of friends of mine’s wives were saying he had wonderful legs for modelling stockings.

(but i’m sure he’s forgotten that one – you got to love kitchen conversations!)


Hell, I’ve been told I have gorgeous legs in tights. Thing is, I’m in the SCA and tights are what men wore a lot of the time.

And the women do like it. :)

I don’t remember that, but I do remember Frankenfurter ;)

Visited my sister when she was sharing with 5 other models one time, and two of them were trying to persuade me to be the “6th model” for a little getwell photo they wanted to do for a friend rather than being behind the camera. They gave me this daft story that the #1 hosiery model was a guy who claimed to be otherwise a straight dresser. I laughed it off and took the pic, till I saw a segment in some show about the guy :)

I know all about the Texas thing. I was incarcerated … er … living in Texas for over eight years before I escaped … I mean left. No regrets yet :)

It’s the wide open spaces. We just replaced horses with cars. …..err I mean trucks.

So is your vehicular preference a pickup with a gun rack, a Harley, or a Jaguar?

I want to live in texas again. The first thing I’d do is buy a wave runner, a truck and move to Austin and go to lake Travis every other day.

From the British-expat perspective, are Mini Coopers still Mini Coopers? Or are they some strange big-wheeled Germanic bastardization that just happens to still be named for John Cooper and still can be bought with the Union Jack on the roof?

Loaded question, I suppose.

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