Stargate: Halflantis

Is it just me or does SG:A’s title music sound like one half of a stereo recording? It just sounds kinda wimpy, like its all accompaniment and no primary. The brass sounds like its harmonizing, but the harmony is absent.

My big hope for SG:A is that if they cancel SG1 they’ll replace Joe Flannigan with Browder, I think he would actually be far more at ease in that role than the O’Neill replacement he still seems to be struggling with.


Dunna know about Browder coming over to SG:A. Its probably a sure way of getting that show unceremoniously cancelled if they bring Browder on board. Considering the way Sci-Fi has cancelled the previous two shows Browder has been on on Sci-Fi, you kinda get the feeling that some Network Exec over at Sci-Fi has it in for our man Crichton/Mitchell.

No way they would replace John Sheppard, he’s the main character.
Daniel would be the logical choice to add.
I think they could dump the Tela. Her character is going nowhere. Daniel would be a much better part of the team.

True, Tela is pootling along with Ronin – at least she makes some effort in episodes where she is just set decoration. The Ronin dude acts like a lump of wood in episodes where he’s just along.

Ronin could be an interesting character, but his turns into a semi-passive henchman which really doesn’t match his character (although that’s mostly because he just doesn’t seem to put any acting effort into acting the desperate-to-waste-wraiths in non-Ronin centric episodes).

Just strikes me that Ronin’s rage for Wraith-genocide ought to either make him untameable or energize him into making every use of the Atlantis facilities – that he would be getting intel, making connections, reseraching. He should either be the dog that craps on the carpet and looks you in the eye while he does it, or the dog that continually brings you the ball, digs up the garden, everything a dog knows to do to get you to play.

Instead he just sort of follows Tela around and causes problems when Other Stuff Happens.

I think they have too many characters, tbh, so almost none have any depth. As for Sheppard being the main character, I think Rodney is closer to that; perhaps because his character has a solid identify from his time in SG:1.

That first episode where Sheppard flies with O’Neil would have worked way better with the Mitchel character.

Sheppard looks and acts way too much like the random stray/orphan kid-who-picked-up-his-dead-brother’s-weapon character in any of the less successful Final Fantasy games. Whenever he gets caught you don’t think “damn, smart enemy” you think “idiot did it again”.

E.g. the time he gets harpooned in the back. Great squad leader that, running with his back to the enemy.

None of the SG:A team put any effort into the whole “SWAT” thing that SG-1 did so well.

I get the overall impression they’re still trying to work out roles for the characters – Tela’s “skills” haven’t been in evidence for a while, so she flops about – she’s certainly not good behind a P90 but somehow still manages to be more effective than Sheppard.

All the quirk-building energy in the first season seems to have been for nothing, generally.

SG:A needs to do something to seperate itself from the SG:1 brand. So far, it is seeming like rehash of SG:1 with the wraith being the Go’uld. They have even added in the replicators.

SG:A is lacking any uniqueness in plot. Almost every plot so far can be found in SG:1 if one looks for it. Even the Jedai can be related to the Tokren in that they may be friend or foe, but always have their own agenda.

The cast is also an almost mirror of the SG:1, but with less chemistry (and in some cases the inability to act out of a paper bag), and with the same “specialties” (McKay = Carter, Sheppard = Mitchell, Ronon = Tel’c, and Tela = Jackson).

If SG:A is to last, they seriously need to develope the characters and plot more.

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