Too Easy?

There has to be a gotcha.


The back channel experiement (see my previous two posts) seems to be going well…

I know this is a bit of a recurring theme, but sometimes it takes pulling something like this off to remind me that I’m actually not quite as terrible a programmer as … some forumites … lead me to think sometimes :)

I mean, I’ve been thinking about doing this for months but I could never quite seem to wholly get my head around it. So when I finally just stopped and did it, I realized that I’d been trying to accomodate problems that only exist if you’re using teulKit (the old networking library we used). Like, how will I know if its working? Well instead of a page of code to work out if I’m connected to something, how about network.GetStatistics()?

Kinda pleased that with that many vehicles moving about I’m only generating 56kbps. I’m contemplating turning on the compression options and seeing if there is any inherent compression I can eek out of it. Probably not worth it in terms of what it’ll cost computationally.



*Sigh* I sat staring at the screenshot just now for nearly a minute wondering if the game had finally crashed. “How come it’s still playing sounds” I thought.

does this means more fps for people who live far from Texas?

Probably not, but having two connection lines at the same time could end CTHLs for good…

Yay KFS, you rock!!

Now please get us bouncing grenades in ;-)

Having two different types of connection might help. But the system I’m using for the backchannel provides a whole glut of statistics that I can – at the very least – write to a log file to help diagnose problems :)

I’ve already done my part for bouncing grenades – STOs.

Thought you said STO’s dont move.

STOs don’t move, but they can animate.

Sounds complicated…..but this is probably the reason you are a host coder and I am not :-)

duuuude. You rock.

Now tell us what “Nukepersonas” does in your list of available commands in that screenshot! Nice!

I may need to get a second account called Fake069 too. Great post.

shouldn’t 2:1 compression be pretty much ‘free’ (

good to hear about the new grenades. It’s one of those little things that when done improve the game a lot.

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