Hair Today, Old Tomorrow: I was watching X-Play and wondering who the hot chick reporting from Japan was. Eventually it dawned on me it was Morgan Webb with her hair pulled back. In her normal “James Spader” bob I can never quite tell whether she’s a guy in drag or just unfortunate.

Likewise, I was channel hopping and happened on Nelly Furtado doing some talk show; she was wearing a 60s-like outfit, with a 50s style ‘house wife’ hairdo that made her look … like Nora Batty.

Why doesn’t someone tell gals like these, “you know that makes you look really stupid/old/manlike”?

Frame Rate Sucks, Advertise it! Whats the deal with game adverts that show really lousy frame rates? Flight Sim X, for instance; the Call of Duty (or is it Company of Heroes) games? G4 shows tons of game videos as space fillers, and they showed Assassin’s Creed, which looked really great but it couldn’t have been doing more than 8-10fps and while I think the graphics were engine generated, it was a non-player sequence.

Battlestar The Musical: Aside from Granik’s very valid point that they may have overdone the Cylon humanization, my other problem with BSG is the slow creep of music. Here we have a bunch of guys who’ve made a smash hit and it appears that they have slowly been accepting the advice of other people in the industry.

The first shows I saw of BSG were set to percussion. It set an atmosphere, it set a tone, and the show played to it. The initial BSG shows were very theatrical, and I mean that in a good way. It was the interaction and chemistry between the actors that gave the show its gusto and grit. The music they’re using is too noddy to equal that, and instead it slips you into ‘soap opera’ mode. They either need to invest a lot more money into some seriously amazing music or they need to get back to a show that draws on the strength of its cast and its writers.

And they need to turn the cylons back into toasters-with-nukes. Maybe that’s the plan, maybe they want to pull the wool over our eyes so that we are suckered in when they finally go for the jugular. I just hope they remember the dissapointment that was Espisode III.

CNN Headline Adverts: A year ago I watched CNN Headline News for a few minutes each morning while having my cereal & coffee. Sometime since then, though, it seems that CNN have cranked up the amount of advertising they do, now most mornings I can never seem to actually catch any news.

I might get a few seconds of Robin wrapping up or handing to the news or weather guy, but invariably what I get is adverts. I hop up to CNN normal, and I get adverts. I hop on to Fox. Adverts. I’ve got 10 minutes to watch TV, I am not spending half of it watching freaking adverts. So in the last 2-3 months I’ve just stopped even bothering most days.


Forget the tube, just RSS feeds. Unless it’s a national natural disaster/crisis and you are given wall to wall coverage. The tube is worthless. Either drought of famine when it comes to news coverage..

I think it’s a conspiracy or collusion between the networks on when to air commercials. Same for all of the radio stations on commercial timing.

BSG, never paid attention to the music. Last season I stopped watching it because of all of the internal man vs man conflict. I did DVR all of them. Then marathoned it for the opening of this season. The momentum lasted 2 weeks. Still taping (recording) the episodes. Maybe I’ll catch-up this week with the wife and kids gone for the week.

Go on ebay, find a cheap used replay or tivo, and skip all those damned commercials.

The music doesn’t bother me either, but it doesn’t have the ambience and impact that the absence of music had during the early part of UK season 1. It was very Kubirkesque.

yah kfsone its called the internet.


Re: “Whats the deal with game adverts that show really lousy frame rates? Flight Sim X”

Truth in advertising?

Your right on about the Battlestar. I’m really worried that they are starting to take other advice for the networks. If you watch the podcast commentary though, its kinda reasuring. Many times when you see the problem, you can see that Ron Moore knows it’s a problem too, he just ran out of budget or something.

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