Dying with excitement

I’m actually excited about going into work tomorrow and working on the Brigade OIC stuff I have to wrap up. I hadn’t realized how beat down I was by the virtual environment I was working in. That’s a huge chunk of code I’ve tossed out these last couple of days. We’re down to 189,242 lines of code (down 30,000 lines since February).

But having had a chance to work with codeblocks, and having gotten this spring clean out of my system, I’m pretty confident I can burn through my current assignments and get to a few bug-fix and lil-feature additions that I know folks will be looking forward to: Netcode2 is getting really good feedback, I’m going to be wanting to get more copies of it out there soon but I might write a little auto-updater for it before I do that :) (I did this before to test the library and it took me under 30 minutes; dee dee dee me for not keeping it :)

Unfortunately, I feel like crap (prolly switching the aircon into warm over the weekend); I feel like someone hit me with a bat in the neck and then I slept on it for a few weeks. Ugh. The meds I took are sorta helping or I’d not be blogging :) But I’m alternating between this weird euphoria over work tomorrow vs the swirling haze of pain…

Heroes was a let down tonight, too much recap and nonsense, and way too predictable. Gonna read some more Left Hand of Darkness and get some early zs.


I have to agree about Hero’s. I thought tonight, they would start putting the puzzle together, but it left more questions on top of the one’s already in the show.

They kept pumping that tonight, the “Save the cheerleader, save the world” would start to make sense, and nada. Mucho disappointed.

I knew you Hero’s fans would get burned. I’ve been watching Lost for too long to not recognize the signs.

To be honest, I really liked the Heroes ep tonight. I guess it was all the visual stuff, seeing every painting become real, etc .. while keeping things going. I was actually expecting a huge cliffhanger without any resolution, so I guess the fact that there was any resolution at all (which there was) was satisfying.

I’m thinking that EvilDad has the best crew though .. a mind reader/wiper combined with a ranged mind controller .. geez, what couldn’t you do with that?

Of course, the real question I have is .. when is the PowerSponge going to pick up on the fact that he can just hang out with Siler, then go all Siler on Siler?

There was nothing bad about the last episode of Heroes, it was just 95% predictible two weeks ago. (Peter Rogue + Cheerverine + Misdirection Girl (Fake Cheerverine)) vs. Telekinesis Man. Doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how that fight is going to play out, even without the telegraphing from all the paintings. The only thing I didn’t see coming was Henry Gyrich (Mr. Bennet) using Eden and the Haitian to take Sylar – I thought Sylar would actually get away and that later PsyCop would come to town and then ultimately track Sylar down. Pretty clear that he’ll be in Odessa pretty damn fast now.

What’s up, Taradius?

Where do I put my Host Coder Christmas wishes?

1. Polycrew

Well…I have a short list.

Stop the spoilers! I’m still watching Ep. 4 :)

If you really want to see an awesome tv show, look for “THE IT CROWD”. It the most geek/freak serie on the world! And sooooo fun! Check your favourite pvp client, 1st sesion is just 6 episodies. You wont regret it! You will love it!

Oh, and Oliver, made on the UK!

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