It’s kinda cramped in here…

I’ve tried out a plethora of game demos on my 360, and I can’t figure out whether it is my playing on a non-HD 32in TV or my lack of familiarity with a console gamepad. But almost every game I play feels somehow like I’m playing on a 14in monitor or something. I remember feeling something vaguely similar when I stepped up from a 17in CRT to a 21in LCD, suddenly I felt like I couldn’t quite see enough. I find 360 FPS games really disorienting. 

I tried playing Condemned and I hated it. I was continually aware of my lack of peripheral vision 90% of what happens in these games seems to happen off-screen as a result. The Superman game that’s supposed to be a “vast world” seems pokey and tiny and lacking up-close details that make it seem even smaller to me.

Then I played Hitman Blood money, a game I’ve already played, and I started wondering if its maybe the controller. I liked hitman on the PC, but found the same constricted feeling playing on the 360. Could it be that because the controller limits your panning speeds so severely, that compared to playing with a mouse I’m feeling like I am spending all of my time turning around? I’ll give Gears of War a shot but I think I already see the signs it won’t get more than a half hour of play time.

I’ve been contemplating an Olevia 42in LCD. Maybe early next year. Maybe not :) Anyone know if its any good with a 360? The Olevias seemed to have pretty good pictures at the stores I’ve been to, but I haven’t seen them trying to display console type pictures…


I have the same basic feeling when it comes to console games in general .. the controllers, in the end, spoil the fun.

I have to admit, I’m really tempted by the Wii, just for the reason that it has a different control concept/interface. Let’s face it, the 360 and PS3 are nothing but upversions.

Yep, the controllers.
I have a PSP and it’s even worse. I have a hard time with FPS games. My fingers can do those micro movements.

Wow that LCD is cheap. I have been looking for one as well.

I have the 32″ Olevia and I love having it.

I use it as my computer monitor and my main TV.

Kickass computer monitor, so-so TV. Just wish it had a better UI, remote, and higher res.

I wish Microsoft would give up and let me buy a 360 keyboard and mouse for my 360 games.

Controllers suck.

It really depends on the game. While I still prefer the mouse/keyboard combo for FPSs there are a bunch of them that play well enough on consoles. All the Tom Clancy stuff comes to mind. I don’t like the Splinter Cell series but G.R.A.W. is heaps of fun, especially with co-op multi-player and the two R6:Vegas demos are worth checking out either way. COD2 and 3 work well, too. (Though there are other things going against COD3 that ultimately make me recommend against it.)

On the other hand I also had issues with Hitman and the BF2 version for the 360 also didn’t really feel right. I think it’s just that uneven control schemes are more obvious when you’re resticted to a controller.

I’ve never had a console, and I’ve never had the feeling that I was missing something either.

About the displays, my 19″ Mitsubishi Pro is still in excellent shape. If I had to change it I don’t know what I’d get.

Same here wingmann, never had the urge in the slightest. Mainly due to the control scheme, and lack of games that interest me in the slightest (Simulations and RTSs). A console for me would be a big waste of money.

Generally, IMO, consoles are for playing games with friends – “with” meaning – they are in the same room with you. 2v2 NHL, with all four players on the same couch, using real world elements to distract/intimidate/check your opponents – that’s what consoles are for. That’s where they used to shine.

What BLOO said.


is bloo implying that you have no friends to play with :(

I still wish I could play console games with friends using a mini-keyboard and mouse…

LOL, Breed, he’s probably right, if we are talking about consoles :)

I’ve owned a cybercafe for four years. 30 machines. I can assure you we had some AWESOME LAN fights.
We used to have all-night-fridays from time to time. Closed to public, only pals allowed.

Blood and rage. I miss that.

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