Wiki and Mantis

Bloo has been clammoring for an internal Wiki and a bug tracking tool for ages. Krenn set one up for us a while ago but I think it was external to the network and we didn’t give him the access he needed to do an internal one. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten my workstation up and running FC6, and both MediaWiki and Mantis are now fedora packages.

When Bloo called me about today’s auth issues, we were wrapping up when he mentioned the internal wiki. I was going to put it off till monday but my hubris finally won out over my laziness, and I decided to just do it. Installed trac for him first but its way early beta and a pain to work with as a result. So on a whim I did a yum search mediawiki and there it was. So a few minutes later we had a wiki running. It was pretty damn easy. After that I was gonna leave him to mess with them but he’d mentioned mantis, and since yum search mantis showed an installer for it … Bam.

True, for now, they are just running on my workstation but they can be ported easily enough to a dedicated box. Since its solely internal I think we can just go with the initial install since the boxes have no external visibility whatsoever.

Typed up some initial Wiki blurb on the processes involved in getting terrain from the editor to running on the host (there’s some gaps of clienty-stuff I don’t know, but we can get a producer to fill that in). Bloo formatted it up and made it look smart.

Gives me a nice warm feeling :) Hope bloo’s happy :)


Happy happy bloo bloo
Happy happy bloo bloo
Happy happy happy happy
Bloo bloo bloo bloo
Happy happy bloo bloo
Happy happy bloo bloo
Happy happy happy bloo bloooooooooo!

Glad that something came of it – will the mantis install be 100% internal only, or will closed testers be likely to be able to feed stuff in to it?

I can forsee a huge improvement in the quality of stuff reaching the devs if the testers had to cross-confirm each other’s bugs before they came up on your radar.

I should add, using yum is cheating. ;) Getting that stuff up on community was a PITA because it’s so ancient, not to mention the arcane wierdness involved in Web://cp.

Well for now internal only. If we start using it, internal only. I wouldn’t put something I had rolled out of a yum install onto an external-facing system of any kind :)

I’m using a internal wiki in my work for projects documentation… there are a lot of addons and several wiki software… but I choosed normal media-wiki.

Pretty useful.. if the people use it.

It’s pretty much like a personal agenda. If you write but never read it… :)

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