Tienen, Faydwer, Lost, Smallville

Guys walks up, says “That a rat on your shoulder?”


The Rat says, “No but I can’t get this damn limey off my paws” and they all ran.


“Stop, Opel!” I yelled and gave chase.


Inflight movie was the 3.5 stooges.


The jump leader called “Get ready to jump!” … doh … ready


Well, I’ll be ok as long as I’m not right over the AB…


Oh, there they are!


I just hope I land near a berm…


My luck is in. No, wait…


That’s not a berm :(


Having a blast with the gang at Tienen. But it’s been a long day. I’m gonna get me my EQ2 fix next and then watch the Lost and Smallville episodes I missed.


Thank god its not just me. I thought I had the shoot me here bug on all my paradrops.

BTW – did you know that you can “crouch” in the air and make yourself a smaller target? Just press “c” and you can see your legs pull up. Pretty cool.

Nice screenies! ’twas nice to see you there last night KFS. Nice to see that it’s not just mere mortals who have para misisons like that.

Your comments to the HC chaps who were convinced that a conspiracy existed regarding a certain spawnlist were priceless! Gotta love a RAT that’s not afraid to call a spade a spade.

After briefing Ramp on the UI/API requirements for OIC we talked about the TOE system and whether it would have any UI requirements. At this time, probably not, but one outfall might well be that we can indicate how long until equipment gets its next supply or at least whether or not there will be replacements arriving in the next N minutes.

But in the meantime, resupply time has been 4.5 hours since last year :)

Real WW II supply would have a scheduled arrival time and then a real arrival time, kind of like how World@War is always a little behind in the reporting.

You should only give *approximate* times or *estimated* times with a wide variation possible – but the widest variation being the least likely.

3 deviations from the mean time of scheduled arrival should only occur less than 1.5% of the time – but still be a possible outcome.

Individual dockets only describe a window, not an actual instantaneous point of time.

Turn up the gamma if you’re gonna take screenshots! :)

Also, curse.all.scripts.to.hell. (Though that’s a non-sequitor).

Looks fine on my LCD monitor :-P

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