No fae fun; Wii?

They’d reset Greater Fay at last, so the trainers were back in place on Oasis, but I have to speak to the Fae Queen for both of the quests I wanted to start out doing (any more exp and they will be grey), but she tries to do my citizen quest and gets stuck part way thru (asks me a question but doesn’t give me any response options).

I coulda done something else but I’m trying to experience the storyline.

I was reflecting on how my 360 hasn’t yet wow’d me, just like my Xbox (dust shelf) didn’t, that the PSP seems like a waste of cash and a Wii ad came on – for Call of Duty 3. I doubt I’d buy a Wii for it, but the way you work it with the controller (holding the two segments like a rifle) shows some real versatility for the controller, and I think actually the Wii might prove to be the real stand out of the crowd.

Damn. Thunder and lightning just arrived. Big storm rolling in. Gonna read a chapter of Shadow & Claw while cowering in the dark with my torch.


That’s cold weather thunder. Going to be a crappy day driving to work tomorrow. From the upper 70’s to the lower 30’s in less than 24 hours. Guess winter has finally arrived here.

It was one of the most colorfull falls here in TX. Colorfull by TX standards.

That front was pretty amazing. 50f drop in under what, 30 minutes? It was 70f and windy, and then I went outside and it was freezing (below 0c).

I don’t think it’s going to stop. In CO, went from 40 degree nights to a 15 degree night…and now a 5 degree night. I left a box of soda in my car…probably need to check that. Some of the finest snow I’ve ever seen, though. It’s about 4 inches deep, but it’s 90% air.

Heh, here it was well below zero (Celsius) for couple of first weeks on November, now it’s been couple weeks of something like usually in early October and no changes promised on forecast. I want my snow back :)

Still in 60 degrees…and watching Teh Storm O’ Ice approach Wash DC.

*prays for high pressure front to stall over NE atlantic coast.*

Weather channel for Tarrant County showing temperatures between 34f (2c) and 10f (-12c). Bedford is at 12f (-11c).

It sleeted in the morning and broke into snow while I was at the office and then stopped (in Bedford anyway). When I came home, the steps to the appartment were under about 2-3 inches of very fine snow.

Yikes .. that’s cold! It’s cold here too .. like 55f or so. Folks are complaining.


Weather in Canada is just farked right now.

In Vancouver, we’re digging out of a foot and a half of snow – it never snows here.

In Toronto, where it SHOULD be up to their asses, it’s a balmy 3 C.

still 75 degress F in Wash DC! wooot!

The Truth is, the weather here in WA. has been rather Inconvienent. First you start off with a decent sprinkling of Peanut M&M sized hail that’ll get crushed down into a nice layer ice. Add a two inch layer of snow. Throw in some hills and Articulated buses that can’t climb ANY sort of grade under such conditions and confused Washingtonians wondering what the hell all this white crap is that’s falling in and around the sound rather than up in the Cascades. And finally top all this off with a sold out Monday night football game, Seahawks vs. the Packers, and the 5th busiest stretch of road in the US (I-5 corridor from Seattle to Tacoma) and you’ve got gridlock from 6pm until sometime after I went to bed at 7am the next morning.

Damn that Al Gore.

COD3 is excellent on the 360. If you haven’t tried it, I’d suggest renting it, or better yet keeping it for a month or two with your gamefly/gameznflix subscription.

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