There seem to be so many caveats to choosing between choosing the two. Obviously I want mine for both gaming and watching TV/movies. Using it for the PC would be a bonus, I think Echoes of Faydwer on a 46+in display would kick ass :)

The two I have in mind are an RCA 61in DLP tv (yes, RCA) and an Olevia 42in LCD. Given I currently have a 32in Sanyo, non-HD piece of crap, both would be a big upgrade but the RCA would be (as Mona would say) hooge!

But there doesn’t seem to be a decisive yay or nay for either, and each seems to have its own ‘fanbois and h8rs’.


For TV – the 61 incher.

For TV and computer – the 42 incher. I didn’t see where the 61 even doubled as a computer monitor.

For the prices – $1200 for the 42 versus $1800 for the 61. Save $600 bucks and love your 42.

Pix!~ (when you get it of course :) )

The DLP has ethernet and a built-in Windows CE based/IE browser (I’m not a firefox fan so IE is fine for me).

It doesn’t have VGA in, but it does have HDMI.

Main question, are you prone to the rainbow effect on DLP devices? If yes, then it’s a no brainer.

Have you considered going to 1080P instead of 720P?>

The general conclusion seems to be that 1080P is irrelevant at the moment for TV/video *unless* you intend to buy an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player and discs in the near term. Most HD broadcast/satellite/cable sports video is native 720P, and the non-sports entertainment programming that’s mostly in 1080I looks fine when compressed into 720P.

*But*, using the same 1280×720 or 1366×768 display for computer data is likely to look pretty coarse for gameplaying, especially if you’re going to sit fairly close. A 61″ 720P 16:9 screen is 30″ vertically, which makes a pixel .042″ tall. A ten-pixel object will be about 7/16″ tall.

Is Everquest II that interesting? I’ve always read (and never played) about it being a boring grindfest. I’m looking for a MMORPG that allows me to entertain some afternoons, as opposed to SilkRoad not allowing me even to connect most of the time.

‘cuz the Silk Road didn’t extend to Spain ahahahahaaaaaaaa aaah. sorry. I love Wingmann.

Not planning on using it for computer “data”, or work, but if you haven’t played our game on a big screen, you haven’t played our game :)
Years ago, back in England, I hooked my PC up to my 42in TV and played in 800×600 and it was just orders of magnitude cooler than playing it on a monitor. Totally rocked.

My experience is that playing on a 1366×768 16:9 projector with a 100″-diagonal screen at 8 feet isn’t enough resolution compared to playing at 1.5 feet on a 1920×1080 LCD panel.

Those two systems give roughly the same subtended horizontal visual angle. There is however an uncontrolled variable in the unequal screen distances.

Maybe this is a YMMV thing, though. I suppose it might be dependent on one’s experience with prior generations of games that had much less resolution.

LOL Joker, it’s the same experience all over the world. Too many people, too few servers (or too small).
I’ve been always tempted by the projectors… and now they are cheap enough. Nothing fancy, just something that will work under low light :)

You need to take the distance you will be sitting from your monitor into consideration when purchasing a large screen. With a 61″ HD monitor you would generally want to be sitting at least 8 feet away or everything will be pixelated.

Eq2? Try WoW! :) (just had to say it)

I have an LCD hooked up to both my Tivo Series 3 (HDTV basically) and a Mac Mini .. works great for both things. I really wouldn’t want to use it as a computer, even so, just because the pixels are so huge .. but having a computer capable (it’s got DVI) display is really nice for stuff like iTunes movies (aka .. grabbing back eps of TV shows I missed).

One day I will have to hook my PC up to my HD projector & my sound system.

I used to pipe the sound through my sound system, but the big explosions where vibrating the house too much! ;-)

And Jay, you may be correct (my set up is similar to what you describe), but even if it isn’t quite as crisp, it should still looks VERY impressive.

Well my current TV is 32in and I’m sitting 6-9 feet from it.

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