I was thinking about taking a pop at setting up some XML-output pages for exposing some of the game data for some of the fan sites. It’s been a long time since I dabbled in jsp/servlets and it seems a lot has happened. I’ve always found the Java community at large to be a little obnoxious; Java development seems to be a highly religious/political discipline.  Maybe because it inhabits such a similar space to the extremes of Microsoft Certified development, where the developer has no real clue what it is they are building, only what the inputs and outputs are.

That’d be a laudable achievement if the tools being used were architects tools and not programming languages.

I mention this because in trying to find out a simple way to create pages which take input from a form, translate them into a query (with some degree of caching and connection pooling), I find myself repeatedly rebuked (see the SQL section on Sue Spiegelman’s tutorial) for trying to do so, or told to try someone elses development kit. (I suppose I could use struts but that seems like a lot of framework).

I guess the problem is I’m spoiled by RXML which is just such a dozey to pick up and make use of. Roxen has slowly died because it was ahead of its time (written in a compiled p-code language rather than entirely in C, a built-in CVS filesystem for allowing content creators version control integration, an HTML-based GUI admin interface from day 1) and because the people who made Apache a success objected to the notion that the developers were a content company who wanted the best possible webserver to work with.

In short, web-admins shunned Roxen as a “commercial” product rather than realizing it was open source like Apache but the core developers had their livelihood staked on it.

<?xml version='1.0'?>
 <emit source='sql' host='querydb' query="
   SELECT cp.oid, cp.name
        , cp.country, cp.side
        , cp.original_country, cp.original_side
        , cp.contention
    FROM strat_cp cp"
  <cp oid="&sql.oid;" name="&sql.name;">
<if variable="sql.contention is 1">

It’s really not that complex. And I don’t think its particularly difficult to do with Tomcat, but its the weekend and I can only take so much preachiness. I mean, you always expect some, those are the tutorials you bookmark and come back to because they know what they’re doing, but meanwhile you go somewhere else to find out how to get the job done.

Unfortunately, in my experience, with Java, all the tutorials are like that…


If you can get me the database schema and some sample data, I could wip something up pretty fast. I am after all a java dude (C++ makes me dizzy).

I assume your DB doesn’t support SQLXML? (Which can still be a cow even if it does :) )

Even if it did, I wouldn’t dream of putting our database anywhere near remotely direct access to external users.

ahw: Think you could drop by and we could maybe discuss setting something up? I actually have something under Roxen that does exactly what I want, its just getting the initial framework in place that’s a bit of a headache to me.

Hey ahwulf, I like your site/blog.

Heh, you’d pipe it through something else :) In any case, looks like you dont have it and you’ve got a solution. That Roxen looks pretty neat, you say it’s slowly died, does this mean it is no longer being developed / supported, or just the userbase has died?

The main developers for Roxen left Idonex, the company that payed them to make sure the open-source web-engine it used (and built its own value-added commercial modules for) stayed sharp and cutting edge.

Roxen was then handed over to a university to continue maintenance but that seems to have died of death.

Idonex seem to have cranked out a few more minor versions of Roxen, but it’s not receiving the innovative, years-ahead-of-its-time development and progress it used to have.

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