Opposites detract

I’m largely happy with Code::Blocks. There’s some noddy features that it lacks: there is a “split window” option but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to show two files side by side or above each other, and the split view behaves somewhat erratically, there’s no apparent “focus” mechanism for the views – ctrl-z (undo) focuses the lower or right view, while ctrl-y focuses the other half of the split. Whacked.

On Monday I discovered the “zoom out” key combo, which reduces the size of the current editor font. Just press ctrl+capslock. Neat. Now, what’s the opposite of that so I can zoom back Its not capslock, shift+capslock, alt+capslock, ctrl+shift+capslock, alt+shift+capslock, alt+ctrl+capslock. In the end it turns out to be Edit >> Special Commands >> Zoom >> Out.

Apparently Code::Blocks doesn’t have a keymapper yet.

Secretly I hope against hope that, one day, Visual Studio will be ported to Linux…

One Comment

ctrl-numlock is apparently the opposite of ctrl-capslock :) And there is an auto-save feature, its just disabled by default.

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