These are not the downloads you’re looking for…

Nor is this. It’s not officially released until Bloo or I post about it on the Windows Community Support forum. GMs, see my post in the forum. The zip file contains game executables, installation is manual. 

WWIIOL – Battleground Europe Netcode2 EXPERIMENTAL


Version 1.24.2nc2e (08-12-2006)
– Simplified display of Netcode2 info in HUD (FPS window)
— Shows average ping
— Shows PACKET LOSS only if packet loss is occuring
– Removed despawn spam from chat window

Version 1.24.2nc2d
– Reformatted HUD display
– Fixed bug that caused loss of NC2 connection go to unreported

Version 1.24.2nc2c
– Reformatted HUD display
– Print netcode2 connection status info to chat buffer for diagnostics

Version 1.24.2nc2b
– Added display of Ping, Packetloss, throughput etc to FPS window in HUD
– Record netcode2 connection activity to ww2net.log

Version 1.24.2nc2a
– Fixed issue that caused incorrect network selection in some cases
– Added support for Netcode2

Evaluating Netcode2

Netcode2 is a new network system that Battleground Europe is planning to migrate to in the near future.

This build of the client still uses Netcode1 as per all previous builds.

Netcode2 only comes into effect while you are spawned into the game world, and only if and when Netcode2 is able to maintain a connection to the game servers. In short: If netcode2 does not work on your system, you will experience gameplay exactly as per the normal release client.

Installing Netcode2

Copy the two executable files (ww2_x86 and ww2_sse2) into your Battleground Europe folder (usually c:\program files\crs\battleground europe).

Uninstalling Netcode2

Reinstall Battleground Europe from an installer.

What to do if you CTHL with Netcode2

If you should happen to experience CTHLs while running this Netcode2 Evaluation version, please post your ww2net.log file from your Battleground Europe Folder and a DxDiag.txt (if possible) into the stickied “Netcode2/CTHLs” thread in the Windows Community Support forum at


Goose! You big stud!

good stuff, I like it how I can see my ping… even if it’s pretty bad (>220).

there’s one thing I’d like to have now though, could you have one of the client guys give us the option to show the ping and packetloss and all that stuff when it’s live and not just testing?

I’m hoping I’ll have chance to get something “pleasant” done with it.

Is it Monday already?


(that’s a “omg kfsone’s blog has YA new theme” joke if you missed it.)

Posted in Community Support (PC)

Had some freaky functionality. Last night–ended up alt-f4ing. Lost chat, everyone froze for a bit, I ran and sapped a churchhill. Got the charge off, but as soon as I layed the charge, the world went in fast forward and cought up. Typically, I don’t have ISP issues, but this was indeed a strange episode.

It’s kind of like the world was frozen until I did somethig to interact with it. I know this works only when spawned in, but I had some issue selecting/reserving units.

Which would probably indicate you were having connection issues, and you had a CTHLable connection outage from which netcode2 recovered while netcode1 didn’t, since chat is still netcode1.

I like the new information displayed. When I spawn in with the new netcode I freeze up for 5 seconds or more whereas I usually can run immediately. It is bad if there is a defender inside the depot you captured waiting at the spawn point. Otherwise I have not had any problem with the new code.

Im pretty impressed only cthl 1 time, but probably my isp. I like the ping feature. The past few days a few of us at 3.PzG have had some weird things happening, when we die or despawn (rtb) we see ourselves in the spot we despawned from, can last there for 5-60 seconds, not sure whether this is caused by the netcode2 or by server needing maintenance.

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