Oh man, what a fight. Stellendam is a tough nut to crack because the only approach is over water… I started writing my own AAR but, without giving away who I am/was, that’d be tricky. So I’m going to borrow quotes from other people’s AARs, such as corblimy:

The flak had to be seen to be believed. While trying to hit the freighters that were supplying the town, the fire put up from the massed DD’s, fairmiles and the ports was thick enough to walk on!
What a night.

(I am shamelessly borrowing from this thread

Spamurai wrote:

It was an interesting battle, Indeed. More colorful then the run of the mill type outcomes you expect from the mainland fights. It does emphasize how powerful the advantage of being the only ones able to spawn right next to an objective where the enemy has to come to you across hundred meter’s of terrain. This is true of who ever has the advantage, the attacker or the defender. I had fun none the less. I’d like to see more battles that follow a similar model (tweaked up of course).

The panzers helped shift the balance to our favor, but they were alot fewer of them then you think, and we had to put them on island (they didn’t just magically appear en mass from a spawnpoint in town. My sortie lasted 80+ minutes and only 15mins were actually spent engaging the Ouddorp CP when Shell and MG fire. I think that made their presence all the more relevent for the ambience of the fight. When our Axis Infantry saw the Transport unloading Panzers onto the dock, they did indeed cheer and when the attackers of the Ouddorp CP heard the rumble and clatter of Armoured Treads roll up beside them there was a genuine expression of relief that this long battle was finally about to end.

Great fun everyone.

PS: Dear Allied, please drop more JU52’s full of crazy Frenchmen out of the sky on my squad while we picnic outside our quiet CP. Nothing adds spice to a little brautwurst luncheon then a plane load of angry allied crashing in with fire and shrapnel. I almost got mustard on my field jacket fumblng for my Rifle and Grenades. It is a great way to start a 3 hour long battle for an otherwise unimportant chunk of land in the North Sea.

timmy41 wrote:

stellendam was an odd battle, i was one of the pzfs south of the cp, sat there for 2 hours. then i headed west and 2 C47s landed next to me so i shot them[.] who where in those C47s? just tellin ya i killed most of you

I had a number of sorties and, having to take a break in the middle, to check on the system’s fervent desire to ban a speedhacker that needed manual verification, I played both sides. I had some great fraps caps of the first hour, but I hadda delete them to make space for that recording that manual verification :(



YEP, despite what some playesr think, the fighting in the Zeelands can be different, and great fun!

Zeelands fights are fun if you have a little patience. I’m always up for glider-borne infantry attacks.

I read this yesterday and took a *ship* out for a fight at Ouddorp. Never made it to Ouddorp as the Kriegsmarine had 3 ships surrounding the area. Got kills and was killed and directed air in to the enemy (axis) ships. Great fun, and I hadn’t played navy in months and months..maybe years.

Something has to be done for the Zeelands, because that Air, Sea, Land battles simultaneously affecting one another is a great tension builder.

Items to discuss: Sail times vs. fb like naval areas with static fleets that are the equivalent of a land FB, i.e. they can be destroyed by boats or planes and lower the sailing time of one side or the other.

This was too much fun to ignore. Zeelands is an amazing display of different gameplay…but the time committment calls out for grognards only.

I like that idea Joker. I suggested having the same sort of thing but with the added functionality of being able to spawn land units to load onto transports for invasions. Certainly make cross channel warfare more fun and would probbaly be needed for the Med.

I’m one of the poor sobs who never has the time to comit to these. ON the plus side, the time committment makes the use of tanks very rare, and thus more interesting. However, once we have deployment the way to make them “rare” could simply be by limiting the equipment rather than filtering out subscribers like me!


The trouble with a floating FB is its only good for boats. So a floating FB is no use to, say, TTs, unless they’re actually a platform big enough to allow TTs to pull up along side. Which means building some .. interesting .. objects. Maybe we could use an STO deployment of some kind. Needs a fair bit of thinking, and I think we’d need to see a lot more coastal terrain to make it work, which means expanding northward … which may have strange effects on victory conditions. Might, however, create a good time to create “Axis North”.

I think anyone should be able to spawn a tank…IF they are willing to bring it to battle. The days of insta-spawn tanks are hopefully ending with TOE’s. As in real war, when a tank arrives with full infantry support – it should be scary and hard to overcome. Sappers and cover help stop some over-tankage…but at the cost of armor still camping.

I know I am weird, because I will dedicate hours to this game several times a week…others need to have a 30 minute mission mean something.

Personal spawn limits may help here, but let’s see how TOE’s change the game. Since KFSONE worked on them, it’ll be well thought out. That doesn’t mean it’ll be right or even solve the problem its designed to solve…but it will be a hard thunk solution. /sukkup

Naval warfare is to die for – if you could engage and run and if the damage model allowed for more specific damage that was not a death, but required other ships to work together. Fairmiles can’t do 40 knots on the seas, and cant fire torpedoes, etc. Ship convoys – MUST be easier to allow players to affect local supply in one mission. Ship AA must be more of a deterrant to attacks by kamikaze air bombers…it takes to long to position a ship otherwise (compared to aircraft flight times).

Ship radar should be worked by player, with real WW II limitations, i.e. you have to set range and direction of radar yourself.

Ships should have AI AA that is accurate and dangerous, so that players in ships can focus on the naval attack game, and not trying to kill every plane for miles – these are not naval AA platforms -these are force multipliers and supply interdiction/support.

Summary: The naval game, with minimal additional gameplay (coding time/effort needs unknown) should have a critical impact on the campaign – many players would fight the Zeelands battles like this campaign…every campaign.

IMO the first developmental step for the naval game really needs to be polycrewing, including spawn-underway and movement-among-positions. That would provide the best foundation for fixes to important naval-game issues, including seeveral times as many gameplay opportunities, commanded-mission-team ship operation, a meaningful rank-and-experience hierarchy, positions reserved for low-ranked and higher-ranked players, and much more complex and interesting naval gameplay resulting from an ability to manage more ship actions at once.

After that foundation is in place, I favor a mesh of virtual ownable three-state at-sea spawnpoints, configured so that they are disabled if any enemy unit is within vision distance of them, and capturable by ship proximity or by surrounding with friendly mesh-points. Thus sea control would be established and maintained by combat patrols into contested waters, air/sea scouting, and combat responses to enemy incursions; a short Time To Combat for an invasion or bombardment force would require establishing sea control first, so that your invasion or bombardment force could spawn relatively close to their target; and TTC for scouts and combat patrols would always be reasonable, because spawning would always be possible one or two vision-distances from the edge of your presently patrolled-and-controlled waters.

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