Patfly & AOMercy; Tales of the AFK

A silly thing but it made me laugh so hard I have to mention it.

During a little buzzard crusing last night I watched the tail end of a battle (mighta been Stellendam again), after which the icons slowly dissapeared until none were left.

Except one.

Out about 2 miles east of town a lone blue icon, patfly. I zoomed down to see what he was upto and say hi, since he’s a builder. The what was fairly simple. Patfly was crawling. One assumes patfly was afk after a swim. He was heading due south, not towards town.

I watched for a bit (about 2-3 minutes while I did some stuff) and then went and checked on some other parts of the world.

When I came back 15 minutes later, Patfly had changed course and as crawling across an open field. I cruised up to altitude. Nobody in range for miles. Oh wait, no, ‘mercy is standing over at the edge of town.

So I cruise down to see what she’s upto. Mercy’s propping up a tree. I watch for a couple minutes. Nothing.

For another 15 minutes pat crawled, and then for another 15 minutes he mooched, edging slowly closer to town. Mercy kept the tree standing (although she wasnt afk *boggle*)

Finally, Patfly reaches some bushes and a berm on the outskirts of town. He’s stopped every time a sound goes off. He’s clearly in tune with his environment and ready for a fight. He edges up the berm and after looking around spots Mercy! Seeing an EI spooks him – I mean, EI are like roaches right: its not the you see its other 100 you can’t see you have to worry about.

He goes into hiding and for the next 5, maybe 15, minutes he variously lurks in the bushes and returns to his observing point.

There areĀ a couple of other Allied icons visible to my buzzard, on the far side of town is ppp and off to the north is a ship. Patfly shuffles along to the edge of the berm, runs up for a final look over at “that ei” and … Suddenly Mercy’s trooper twitches. Patfly almost throws his binos away as he hauls ass down the berm into the bushes and….