Patfly & AOMercy; Tales of the AFK

A silly thing but it made me laugh so hard I have to mention it.

During a little buzzard crusing last night I watched the tail end of a battle (mighta been Stellendam again), after which the icons slowly dissapeared until none were left.

Except one.

Out about 2 miles east of town a lone blue icon, patfly. I zoomed down to see what he was upto and say hi, since he’s a builder. The what was fairly simple. Patfly was crawling. One assumes patfly was afk after a swim. He was heading due south, not towards town.

I watched for a bit (about 2-3 minutes while I did some stuff) and then went and checked on some other parts of the world.

When I came back 15 minutes later, Patfly had changed course and as crawling across an open field. I cruised up to altitude. Nobody in range for miles. Oh wait, no, ‘mercy is standing over at the edge of town.

So I cruise down to see what she’s upto. Mercy’s propping up a tree. I watch for a couple minutes. Nothing.

For another 15 minutes pat crawled, and then for another 15 minutes he mooched, edging slowly closer to town. Mercy kept the tree standing (although she wasnt afk *boggle*)

Finally, Patfly reaches some bushes and a berm on the outskirts of town. He’s stopped every time a sound goes off. He’s clearly in tune with his environment and ready for a fight. He edges up the berm and after looking around spots Mercy! Seeing an EI spooks him – I mean, EI are like roaches right: its not the you see its other 100 you can’t see you have to worry about.

He goes into hiding and for the next 5, maybe 15, minutes he variously lurks in the bushes and returns to his observing point.

There are a couple of other Allied icons visible to my buzzard, on the far side of town is ppp and off to the north is a ship. Patfly shuffles along to the edge of the berm, runs up for a final look over at “that ei” and … Suddenly Mercy’s trooper twitches. Patfly almost throws his binos away as he hauls ass down the berm into the bushes and….


My initial explosion of laughter was delayed by the time it took me to make sure he hadn’t woefully CTDed.

The twitch was just one of the animations too. Mercy was actually afk at this point, best I can tell.


very funny “after NO action report” ! ;-)

omfg…one has to wonder what that mission was about! lol. I flew teh buzzard as GM for a few weeks/months. I loved it and hated it since it showed reality quickly. Amazing what the other side doesn’t know for a long time.

But I was suddenly able to see weird actions that if you watched long enough – were signs of a dedicated grognard player. RABITLDR was one, guarding a town *without* an AO, just in case ei came to scout the town….wow…just in case.

But I have been on 8 hour missions to the Alps in-game and stood on top of the highest point out there. Had or have screen shots somewhere.

You ever had a conversation with Rabbit Joker? Trust me thats not wierd behaviour by his standards.

Put it this way on our squad forums Rabbit has his own forum dedicated to him.

Pat is a character. When I first met him all he did was fly; hence the name Patfly. He even had his own little cockpit to sit in while playing. Over the years he became disenchanted with the air game and now it seems all he does is crawl.

Having actual gound brigades in the Zeelands obviously does odd things to people!

You now actuayl have to worry about the spawnable, and given the usual number of people who fight in a Zeeland battle (oftern about 7 a side, 95% who are naval players), if you cap the spawable and have soem friends waiting to spawn you have a shot of capping the town!

My guess is Mercy was aware EWS was still on & Pat was aware they where looking for him. GUess he finaly gave up trying to sneak in.

I just read in the forums that you delayed TOE’s.


A full year after brigade spawning.

6 months after their release was anounced as being in the next version.

I’m already unsubbed for an unrelated issue. I WAS planning on resubbing ASAP.

I had a really bitter continuation of this typed up, but I don’t think I stated my case well. Instead I’m just going to refer back to my statements in this thread.

Good luck in your future endevours.

Gee, I’m famous now.

AAR? Actually, I had swam from Stell to Browers as there was (it seemed) a good attack going on. Went to the store, ate lunch, came back and found I was close. Map check, look around, realised the attack had petered out so I gave up.

I never even saw Mercy, hehe.

For Patfly , this is a normal. I have known Patfly for years and he has stepped away many times only to come back and find that his character is still alive. As a Builder I can only guess that Patfly was marking down the foundation of the area for future battles as he is a commited person. :)

Pat’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that’s for sure, but he does a good job most of the time ;)

Long time ago I could sit in a crossroads with a R-35 and see them coming for hours. Ahh the good times!

“I just read in the forums that you delayed TOE’s.”

That’s one way you could read the announcement. The other way you could read it would be literatelly: that we’re not 100% happy with them so we either have no Xmas release or we release something for Xmas that doesn’t include TOEs and put TOEs into open testing, possibly the same day to a few weeks thereafter.

Sorry, that line only works once. You used it last time you delayed them, remember?

“We have some features that we are shaping up well, so we may just go ahead and release those.”

and that would be fine if it actually meant what it sounds like. But it was just a spin. You hadden’t even started working on them yet.
You even worked on a whole bunch of crap first.

If you put them into open testing yesterday that would be one thing. As it is now, this is a delay of atleast another version.
There is no reason to believe it won’t be another 4 months before they are in.

There are two things that were advertised for 1.24

1. Performance enhancements (frame rate)

2. TOE

Are those coming in the next patch, or not?

Move along son, this is not the website that you are looking for.

*waves hand in a jedi-like manner*

I don’t have to convince you that I’m not a troll. KFS1 already knows that. I’ll keep checking in from time to time.
I sincerely hope that everything goes well.

This is probably not a good project to become involved with, if you regard deliverables punctuality as more important than the design team concluding that they’ve achieved a satisfactorily optimized design. 8^)

(Heh…why is my text-input wrapping at some line length much longer than the width of the entry box while I type, and re-wrapping correctly once I re-size my display window…then it re-wraps to the wrong length as soon as I type something again? Strange. 8^)

I’m working on TOEs for 1.25. If we decide to release a patch for Xmas, they won’t be in it, they aren’t ready for release in the next 14 days. You’re already unsubbed – i.e. not contributing to the project, so I’m not really sure why you expect me to explain that to you.

I unsubbed because I missed a credit card payment, and my bill shot up by 80 dollars. That issue is now resolved. I have been subbed while in Nepal for the last 6 months and unable to play, while making an income of 400 dollars a month.

to put that in perspective. I could have rented a room for a month or had a nice dinner 10 times with the amount I have been spending on WWIIONLINE each month while not being able to play. I HAD a day one player badge as well, if that makes a difference.

Now, from what you typed up there, it sounds like you are delaying 1.25 instead of not including TOE’s in it. I like that quite a deal better then what I thought you said in the forum post. I’m still sticking by my comments 3 months ago though.

I am not obsessed with “deliverables punctuality.” TOE’s have been promised for 3 years. They were supposed to come in “right after” brigade spawning. That was a year ago. It’s not about meeting the date. I don’t care about that. It’s about credibility. If every thing the rats said was going to happen happened 1-2 months after they said then it wouldn’t be a problem. When there is a year delay, and then another year, and then another 6 months, and then another undetermined delay, well thats something that I’m not sure Valve could survive. When a rat steps into the forums and makes an anouncement, I want to be able to believe it.

I used to every time.

You need to take the “Creed Patience” course. It deals specifically with “No Motorcycles for joO~!!”

Really though, I don’t think TOE’s were even invented until the 70’s. Kind of out of place in this game, don’t you think?

rdmenace, your argument amounts to “listen to me because _I’m_ special”. Sorry, but I’m not convinced.

The distinction is between commodity and artisan products.

Commodities are fungible. Companies offering them have to deliver on time, because customers wanting commodity products can get them from many sellers.

Artisan products are unique. Artisans deliver per their judgement of quality and how long it takes to do the work. Customers who want artisan products have to conform to the artisan’s output rate.

Of course, some commodity sellers attempt to present themselves as artisans to raise the value of their goods. Some buyers accept this ploy, because the disguised commodities in fact meet their needs, and they would rather have commodity products immediately than artisan products when they’re available. Other buyers are satisfied only with artisan products.

My only problem with the “delayed” comments is that I thought I’d been fairly clear we haven’t delayed it. Another demonstration of why I’m a coder and not a PR person. What I think the post says is “don’t panic, we may decide to release some of whats already in the can rather than holding it all for my TOE work”. I’m apparently out of touch enough – and I’m not saying that derisorily – not to take that as “delayed”.

I don’t think I’m special damnit. Kfsone just asked “If your already unsubbed why should I care?”

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