You don’t want to download this…

… 20 minutes, 320Mb of Windows Media Player 9 encoded buzzard footage available via torrent (including opening scenes from Pat&Mercy). (Note: no-longer a torrent, see this post instead)

The buzzard can be oddly personal and impersonal at the same time; you know the names, you recognize the situations, but being a spectator somehow takes the bite and heat out of the battle below.

And everyone sees something different with the buzzard. This isn’t “made for show” footage, and aside from a few snips and a couple of zooms, its almost raw working footage. The first time you watch, you’ll see something very different than I do watching it.

If you do download it, please leave it seeding for a while afterwards, k?

News Flash: TOEs Delayed, KFS1 now millionaire

None of the above are true. Actually, I could be wrong about “Newsflash” since this seems to be one for some folks…

TOEs aren’t ready for an Xmas-release. That’s true. And we announced that if we release for Xmas, we won’t be releasing TOEs. We’d have liked TOEs to be a stocking filler, but we knew that was cutting it short for a full dev & qa cycle of something as big as TOEs.