News Flash: TOEs Delayed, KFS1 now millionaire

None of the above are true. Actually, I could be wrong about “Newsflash” since this seems to be one for some folks…

TOEs aren’t ready for an Xmas-release. That’s true. And we announced that if we release for Xmas, we won’t be releasing TOEs. We’d have liked TOEs to be a stocking filler, but we knew that was cutting it short for a full dev & qa cycle of something as big as TOEs.


No sense in rushing it, we’ve waited this long.

I preferred your previous theme for this blog.

I preferred your previous theme for this blog.

I prefer this one. However, I much prefer Toto’s:

The ones I really like don’t have the back/next links between posts. Or they impose some non-stylistic placement of things (e.g the one I really like insists on inserting a search box in a really stupid place)

Some day next year I’ll probably get around to actually moving to my own box, mebbe on our external network, where I can put a webserver, a WordPress blog and fancy XML game stuff.

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