You don’t want to download this…

… 20 minutes, 320Mb of Windows Media Player 9 encoded buzzard footage available via torrent (including opening scenes from Pat&Mercy). (Note: no-longer a torrent, see this post instead)

The buzzard can be oddly personal and impersonal at the same time; you know the names, you recognize the situations, but being a spectator somehow takes the bite and heat out of the battle below.

And everyone sees something different with the buzzard. This isn’t “made for show” footage, and aside from a few snips and a couple of zooms, its almost raw working footage. The first time you watch, you’ll see something very different than I do watching it.

If you do download it, please leave it seeding for a while afterwards, k?


I must be having a blond moment, despite the fact I’ve been using Azureus for ages.

The first link never responds.
The second link just opens your site again. If I copy and paste btih: onwards, Azureus tells me that it’s been given an access denied.

Yeah, I can’t seem to get Azureus to DTRT. Someone’s downloading it, mebbe they’ll let me add them to the torrent :)

Oddly personal and impersonal. Exactly so, KFSONE. I think that is what I was trying to say with verbose prolixity (he said redundantly). :)

Heh, didn’t notice that “or” was a link as well. That seems to be working.

It’s running for me, using the Zudeo Azureus client. I’m at about 30%.

Weird. I see a few people connected but my Azureus is only sending to one of you. Bleah. I’ve tried getting ctorrent and rtorrent to connect to it (I have two hosts I could use) to give it a bit more … oomf.

PS. Don’t be expecting excitement and mad action :)

Two mondays in one week? :)

I think I preferred the previous one.

I’ll keep mine up at night over next few days.

If it dropped you when you finished downloading, please try and reconnect; azureus, by default, disconnects seeds when seeding so it dropped the connections to you (bah).

Woot – Someone’s got it. The only question now is how long before they post “wtf? you made me download 20 minutes of that?”

About the movie…

After watching Pat & Mercy, I went off to Roosendaal, and forgot to stop recording. I took the footage from Roosendaal, almost entirely raw.

This isn’t “made for show” footage, it’s not an action movie trailer. This is footage of me using the buzzard. Some of you might find that adds a twist to watching it.

Leaving mine up and seeding.

The guy on top of the church, with the EI behind the altar, is absolutely hilarious.

BTW, I see occasional connections to peer(s) that are at 100%, which then vanish. I think that’s my seed connecting to the master and checking in.

Hehe, yeah :) Although I only noticed him as I swung around the church – which means I was looking at something else when I parked there :)

Thanks, I’ll leave mine up for a couple of days.

Heh, Swarm speed 250kbs, how long does it take to download now?

Gah! Must call in sick so I can go home and start this! :-)

I got the file, and left it running all night with a number of connections to me…but I still haven’t watched it, because I fell asleep somewhere after 30%. 8^)

I was wondering if no one used utorrent, sres :)

Cool. I gotta log in w/the buzzard sometime and make some movies. I’m finishing up NWN2, getting started in Gothic 3 and have an itch for reupping my EQ2 account, so I am probably procrastinating.

BTW, liked the music. I felt I could shout “eminence front, it’s a put on” at basically any point and it would fit.

Umm, where is the download link?

umm, there it is. Sigh… is there a way to make firefox make links more visible??

Maybe it’s the music, but I can’t help but think I’m watching a violent version of the Sims sometimes…

Very interesting – I think it helps show a side of the game we don’t always get a chance to see. It kind of got me thinking, maybe this should be posted in the HC forums for each side to encourage some thinking on the subject of tactical organization – It just seems like that would be much more fun to be a part of if we’d fight block by block instead of like a mob making its way through the city.

The straightforward way to move the game in that direction, of course, would be to implement mission group cohesion by required or rewarded mission leader proximity.

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