That 320mb Windows Media 9 movie for the few of you who haven’t been able to get it but absolutely have to see it. I’m not kidding you, it’s 29 minutes long and it’s neither rivetting, well edited or action packed…



seems I have a codec problem : I have sound but no video . Anybody else ?

I got it fine – it does do a good job of showing what truely happens in a battle. The part where the EI was entering a flag building, while the defender was leaving the other side caused me to giggle a bit.

The allied inf on church roof, and German inf @ the alter of the same curch neither seeing each other also was a bit funny.

It looks to be Windows Media Video 9.
Go here:

Codecs Installation Package
For Windows Media Video 9 VCM

the eagle CAN be used for great battle movie moments like these few nuggets in an otherwise long march of…quiet time.

Its time for another movie trailer like WWIIOL used to have at start up of the game. And I *loved* that music.

Something like your STO’s all moving about to music. It should be a comedy.

:) My life always is.

I have installed windows media version 11.
Now it works .
thanks for the link, Gnasche .

That was interesting. Thanks. Nice choice in tunes.

I thought I was going to watch it for a few, but I couldn’t stop watching. lol

Is this video still hosted? Im getting a 404 :(

KFS know if there are any plans to add the 3d external view back into offline with the pan/tilt/zoom functions again? It was nice to inspect the models and to add some flare to movies!

That was removed due to a patent kerfuffle, Kilo69… I haven’t heard anything about that being killed in the courts, so I suspect the concern is still there.

My understanding as well is that the patent in question is regarded as valid and enforceable at this point, even if one believes it shouldn’t have been issued.

The patent holder is demanding license fees scaled for big players, and has filed suits against alleged infringers and threatened to sue others.

All U.S. patents cannot be used to stifle competition, especially when you don’t use the technology, and so have zero damages.

I believe it is a European patent, enforced by a russian company that does not use the technology in any game, but certainly can sue in Europe, incurring large legal costs that would kill the game.

CRS is smart to avoid the issue, and some day, that method of inventing and killing for profit will be banned in Europe as well.

I hope.

The patent is clearly not valid, but fighting it requires money, and considering the guys who are pushing the patents, it’s going to be a real pain to fight the patent.

By my read of the patent, it is primarily focused with a terminal appliance for rendering a scene hosted on an higher-order processing system. It includes a system for manipulating the resulting scene, which is the part by which the patent challenges 3d games which include camera-rotation facilities.

Fighting the patent means someone stumping up to assert that aspect of the patent is actually an entirely obvious component of any 3D system and that the patentable part is the way its achieved efficiently in a client-server environment where the client does not have the 3d models in advance.

In an MMO you’re lucky if the server knows diddly squat about the model; infact, its arguable that 3D games are actually the exact reverse of the patent.

I hope, eventually, someone with the money will have the balls to fight the patent so that the gaming industry can return the vulture-favor and destroy them for damages.

Nope, the file is not currently hosted. If there’s a few of you still want it I can rename it back so you can get it.

I’d like to download it. Can you repost please?

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