End of the big freeze

Yesterday when the aircon kicked in, my office dropped to a delightfully Canadian 40f in the space of about 15 minutes. They’ve been starting to call my office the meat locker (though I couldn’t hear them because of the volume of the aircon).

Building guy came in today and tweaked something on the air con and suddenly I can hear the hum of my PCs. I was able to hear Ramp mumbling on the phone. When Doc is talking to someone 5 doors down the hallway, I can hear the Australian in his accent.

Such luxury.


That TV I’ve been eyeing, down under a grand on newegg now

Ramp’s UI changes looking pretty smart, which I think has surprized even him. There are going to be a couple of pretty minor changes that I think are going to be whoppers.

I’m kinda hoping we do manage a release next week; that’ll clear me of a bunch of dependencies and loose the rest of the team on stuff they haven’t been working on because of stuff they were waiting on me for (or at least it seems that way to me). It also means I can finish the TOE stuff without having to make it backward compatible.

Incase you’re wondering where the blogs about TOEs are, well you’ve had those the last year, this is the nitsy gritsy and it’s … tedious.