My videos suck

Found and solved some significant bugs today – and I was takin’ the day off too.

I hadda do a test run of some of the brigade/OIC stuff, figured I’d fraps it for you. ‘s nothing fancy. I dropped a music track on and didn’t bother to check the length until after I’d rendered it. Score :)

My lack of fancy editing means you may have to watch a couple of times to catch the details (some of its in the chat buffer). But at least it’s short and small (3Mb).

Caveats: This is a debug build, so it chugs a little, and I don’t have Ramp’s latest code so it’s not quite the final deal.

Link. (3Mb .wmv file; Windows Media Player 9 or above required)


Always wondered how that HC stuff worked….well, will work I guess =).

Definitely something I will leave to others in the game. I just like blowing stuff up. Does that mean I’m lazy?


Well, then the first 29s of the video are for you, krzy :)

One of the worst things in game is trying to find what brigade is in what town and then joining it. This’ll make life a lot easier. :)

Looks like a nice upgrade to the UI.

The only thing I’m curious of, is whether the very deep menu-selection is really necessary.

I mean, in the video to attack a town, you right clicked it, chose
HC-Options -> Objectives -> Wuust -> Attack.

A more terse way would be to say
Since you right clicked Wuust, and you are commander of brigade X (which is next to wuust), you probably want to attack it, so we can just add a menu item called:
HC-Options-> Place AO on Wuust.

Similar if you clicked on Kalm, you would get
HC-Options-> Place AO on Wuust
Place AO on Roosendahl
since they are the linked enemy towns, and you are the OIC of a brigade in the currently selected town.

Similar if you clicked on Wuust after placing the AO, you would get “Pull AO on wuust” as an option.

Same could be said for the brigade selection ( well, actually the part where you take charge of a brigade). Right now it says:
HC-Options->Brigades->[list of brigades]->Take charge/Nominate.
The brigades menu item is somewhat superflous at this point since there are no other menu items.

By reversing the menu structure to say
HC-Options->Take charge of->[List of brigades] you would follow a more verbal description of the task the user is trying to achive.

I know, i know, everybody’s a critic, and there’s probably umpteen reasons for doing it like this.
No matter what, it is a great improvement.

imagine how much easier the brigade system would have been on you rats in the forums if we had that join brigade thingy from the start.

WTF!… use or please!… the codec that you used doesn’t work in my computer :-)

I love you. Seriously. With this you are easing greatly the HC work and easing also changing brigades and armies to players. Thanks :)


Put a link on the map that has that video on it, with a slightly higher resolution and voila’, you are done and you have the instruction in place.

Oh, and wiki it so BLOO loves you.

Great to see the context menus coming along.

For me and im guessing a large number of the player base brigade selection is superfluous. Would it be too nutty to have join mission>list missions. The client side can sort the switching of brigades behind the scenes. Its just most people play via location and mission. Brigades are great for HC and the overall strategic game but tends to needlessly over complicate things for the average noob/grunt.

Could persona selection also be gotten rid of via context menus aswell eventually?

Ive got no clue about all the impications of what im suggesting so dont blow a gasket if its ilconceived.

nice stuff cant wait to get my hands on it

Cool, starting to look good.

Yes I hope we’ll get around to that; hope we’ll get some feedback on shaping the context menus up to look a little smarter, right now I find they feel a little clunky with a lot of travel time. Tried to persuade Ramp that the “HC Options >” menu for “Brigades” and “Objectives” was kinda redundant under the HCCP. Hey – “HC CP”, I don’t need to mouse-along “HC Options >” just to start selecting the thing I right clicked for … :)

yeah um its 2006, i dont want to download codecs anymore.

Troop – then dowload the 2006 version of Windows Media Player. Codec is already in there.

If I use the WM8 or WM9 codecs to encode it, it comes out at 30-60Mb using the *same* encoding settings. For the final version I used the WM9.2 codec which ships with the current XP version of Windows Media Player.

Its 2006, I don’t want to encode with 1999 codecs.

Well, I use VLC as much as I can because I don’t like Microsoft. VLC plays almost everything and it didn’t play that so there. I’ll see if there is an update for VLC

Nice menu’s by the way.

Oh, worked on VLC once media player auto downloaded the codec. NVM

Using Youtube or Google Video wouldn’t be a good idea. FLV’s work by heavily downsampling the quality and compressing like mad. All the goodness of this video is in the fine details, which would be turned into nothing but a blur on Youtube.

Joining bge thing is awesome..

Dont like the move bge or ao change tho.

I would rather it be left like it is. Click on the town .moveb/ .attack is 10000times easier

I dont mind the deep menus. Somthing like UI perfecting can be done at a later date after OIC&TOE stuff is done.

Those HC Menus are on *all* the maps now, so its not quite so bad messy. Little fiddly at some resolutions and probably needs tweaking for that.

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