Patchy patchy patchy…

We have a few extra steps to do today, the first (backing up the database) apparently taking quite a long time to happen.

Gave me time to find, fix and test the cause of the missions closing when they shouldn’t and not closing when they should issue from 1.24. You’ll still get the pop-up telling you leaving will cancel but it no-longer applies.

We had a last minute panic; spawning from an MSP or switching from an MSP to an AB would cause grenades not to notice the ground. Which was bad.

There’s one component of the infantry changes in 1.25 that I really hope we open up a bit more, we certainly have the lead-in now, which

Netcode2 is now included as standard, but I couldn’t talk Ramp into including the option to turn it on in the preferences :(

To drive home that it is experimental, “use at your own peril”, we didn’t add its option to the preferences screens. To turn it on manually you must:

1. Go to your battleground europe/data directory and locate “wwiiol.xml”
2. Open this file. PC Users: Do NOT use ANYTHING other than notepad. Not wordpad, not word, not visual studio, not anything. Scouts honor: If you open that file with anything but notepad, you are going to experience misery because, for some reason, our XML parser isn’t very PC friendly.
3. Search for value=”app.usenetcode2″
4a. If you find it, change the value=”false” to value=”true”
4b. If you do not find it, add the following directly before the </message> tag:

<value name="app.usenetcode2" type="bool" value="true"/>

so it should look something like this:

.../>[]<value name="app.usenetcode2" type="bool" value="true"/></message>


I patiently await complaints about how opening the file with something other than notepad broke someone’s computer (as the victim was *ordered* to do by a blog).

Even more though, I patiently await the servers going back up. Stop giving notes before the server’s up! It’s bad for my health…

Awesome the xmas patch!!!!

Now get off work and go and see your family you pleb.

gotta be careful.

Windows tries to change the file type to .txt and ANSI, it does warn you on save to save as UNICODE, and then tells you to select a UNICODE type.

My wwiiol.xml did NOT have any netcode2 reference. I added the line above just before the final at the end of the wwiiol.xml file.

Had authentication failure BEFORE I made the changes above – checked here, and we’ll see if this helps or solves nothing.

did not get NetCode2 display. :(

Maybe post an entire wwiiol.xml file here for us to copy and paste over the entire file? I’m not that much a n00b….but…I do see DOS commands in the black box that shows up at boot – it flashes real quick with some lines that appear to be similar to wwiiol.xml lines with ERROR in them.

Also, loading of game goes to about 25% and then suddenly you are in the game.

Hope this helps with any problems. I do think you are being too kind to players and likely will suffer because: No good deed goes unpunished.

S! to ya, m8, ye brave soule.

Probably so; if that’s the case I can turn netcode2 off on the host :) It ought to be a preference in-game. Bah.

You need another warning: Do NOT copy and paste from WordPress. WordPress mangled there (but not the fourth…) of the quotes into unicode…

I finally got it to work only after copying the app.texturereduction entry and changing it by hand.

P.S. I got promoted to Major in the German Army. Isn’t the non HC rank cap still in place?

Can’t… see… reaction…. on forums…..

Must… not… subscribe…. agggggggg.

Hey, are you guys ever going to release via bit torrent again?

Having exactly the same symptoms/issues as Joker described – to the letter. Would be great if it was still available and I could get it working again – was the best thing since sliced bread (fantastic for eliminating EA warping in air to air combat.)

Either way, thanks KFS1 for all your work and merry christmas.


I tried Ultraedit and notepad.
Neither worked nor messed up anything.

The netcode2-line just gets removed when i start the game.

Okay – I got it working. I used Wordpad this time (sorry KFS1) and overwrote the inverted commas with normal ones (they pasted in as the angled type). Checked the ww2net.log and it seems to be working now.


Netcode2 is working fine here (Ping and Packet loss are displayed).

I got it to work too,
Had to copy-paste the *square+tab* part..
Square there is the End-of-Line marker or newline or whatever the notepad couldn’t display.
Then i typoed the thing there and it worked.

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