5 minutes of “Assy Mcgee”

… was enough to persuade me never to watch Adult Swim again. Not even for Futurama.


But… What about aquateen?

Family guy?

Venture Brothers?


“My dreams are all dead and buried.
Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode.
When God comes and calls me to his kingdom,
I’ll take all you sonsabitches when I go,
When I goooo!”

Squidbillies is an acquired taste, and I can’t sit through it always, but sometimes it’s genius. Plus is has Charles Napier as the voice of the sheriff.

Frisky Dingo (no, not the one we work with).
The old Brak show.
Stroke and Hooper.

I couldn’t stand more than 10 seconds of Assy, but if you condemn the channel/programming block, you’ll soon find you can only watch C-Span and, as much as I enjoy C-Span, it does drag at times.

Not for ATHF or Family Guy either. It was the fact that Adult Swim shows Futurama that made me loyal tho. Squid Billies is OK. Metalocalype and Stroke and Hooper weren’t really my taste, but I could see how people might enjoy them.

Oh, and don’t misunderstand me – I’m not being prissy, I’m not offended by the show. Actually, being offensive would have been to its merrit. It’s similarity to generic, superstore branded product is what gets me.

Gawd. Squidbillies rokks.

But all this Adult Swim and no dicussion of ROBOT CHICKEN!! Stop motion genius and snarky revolution anti-establishment (whatever your establishment) humor.

Go Robot Chicken!!

(..see, the chicken was captured by the mad scientist and rebuilt as part robot AND forced to watch the comedy bits we also see…err… you have to watch) :)

I’ll watch Robot Chicken if its on, but I don’t look for it. It’s “old” by Brit TV standards; we used to have a show called Spitting Image which was Robot Chicken meets Daily Show =)

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Got my work hours changed so I could get home in time to see the 5am repeat of that show.

Fooly Cooly. Ok, I admit, I have absolutely NO idea what the hell is going on on Fooly Cooly. But, for some reason I…just…can’t…stop…watching…

We had imported Spitting Image here. We also had some rip-off version of it, which didn’t last long.

You can always see ATHF, Sealab, Robot Chicken, et. al., at the Adult Swim Fix at http://www.adultswim.com/adultswimfix/index.html

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