Great calls by Sci-Fi

Star Trek: First Contact. I was actually watching Spiderman and had been catching glimpses of ‘Trek. The Enterprise E has some of the elegance of Voyager, I like the cameos of the EMH and Neelix. Without wanting to sound like too much of a Trek-geek, it brings together tidbits of trek past-and-present; even knowing many of those tidbits (finding borg wreckage on Earth in Enterprise, for example)  are actually written afterwards.

Starman. Heck, I’m not worthy to comment on its classicness :)

Now lets just hope that they don’t go and spoil it by showing one of their own recent abominations.


Planet of the Apes. Hmm. I always struggle with Charlton Heston in sci-fi movies. For some reason I mentally associate him with black & white chick-flicks and Samson and Delilah (yeah, yeah). Watching him in Planet, tho, I find it hard not to think of Patrick Stewart…

Starman…the old sci-fi movie? “guns make me…a little bit jumpy”? Karen Allen? Gotta love that one.

There must be an enemy that is indefatigueable like the Borg, and not defeatable, and not able to get to Earth in the past. Trek needs Klingons. Implacable enemies that will NOT sign peace treaties, d@mmit. Khaaaaaaaaaan!! Bring him back and make him live forever.

Charlton Heston? Moses! That, and Alzheimer’s, unfortunately. And the NRA…speaking of Klingons, come to think of it. Soylent Green, anyone?

Starman is among tons of classic SF, and yeah, one of the better ones. Blade Runner, which seems to have influenced Fifth Element?.

Frankly, the more recent wave is more interesting to me. Battlestar Galactica is dark and hasn’t flagged until possibly lately. Dead Like Me (a Sci-Fi Channel series run recently) is very unusual. Liked Firely, tolerated Serenity.

Haven’t seen First Contact, generally tend to see movies long after their release.

That’s all that comes to mind off the top of my head right now.

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