WordPress abysmal spam manager

Kudos to WP for actually doing a great job on catching spams. But that’s more than negated by the lousy page they give us for checking the marked comments.

The spam comments are displayed whole in a long list. To make searching them easier, they’re divided into pages. You can mark the ones on the current page which aren’t spam. Or you can delete all of them.

Those are your two options.

In short: its a real pain to work with. No option to delete comments, e.g. by page or IP address (most of the spams I get seem to be bulk jobs from the same IP address or block).

You also have to look through the whole bloody length of the comments, which means you invariably wind up scrolling thru them and missing the poor innocent little 1-liner comments that are actually genuine.

IMHO, they should just show the first lines. At least 99% of the comments are identifiable by their first lines. Heck, most of them are identifiable just by their attributes, so showing me all 4000 lines of repulsive sicko porn bait is just annoying.

One Comment

ummm…”Repulsive sicko porn bait” is an oxymoron … to …. some of us… err … who might enjoy German websites… LOOK OVER THERE! *runs away*

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