More Echoes

Toto didn’t seem too keen on EoF because the Fae are too small – I don’t usually play tall characters so I don’t really get what he’s talking about – and Ramp still hasn’t managed to find the DVD of the expansion in any stores (not even Walmart?)

Aegis means “goatskin”.

Aside from being KOd by a real nasty bout of flu, I’ve been flitting between WW2 and EQ2. Before you leap up screaming “OMG why aren’t you working on …” – I probably have. Unfortunately my attempts to contribute to the most criticial issues we’re having just now have produced diddly squat. Which shouldn’t be surprizing. Since they’re client issues.

EQ2 has been a real godsend, in that sense (a stress valve). Their handling of this years “Frostfell” seems to be further proof that they are now in-control of their project and that the tail is no-longer wagging the dog. I won’t dish out more flattery than strictly neccessary, since most of the devs I had some connection with have gone off to Green Monster. Damn you! :)

Toto and Ramp haven’t been on EQ2 much so my illusionist on Befallen has been gathering dust. Expecting to be soloing I figured breaking out my Conjuror would be a good call, but just to confound myself, I found a really good Crushbone group with some guys from Aegis of Qeynos and the exp started rolling in. For a while there I really did not expect to keep the group ’cause I kept getting us wiped – I seemed hellbent on finding the little pathing quirks for my pets. And once I got my pet under control, I fluffed up and equal number of times myself.

But not only did they not kick me, they knew who Fansy was too :)

After yesterday’s group I cleaned up my Butcherblock quests and made my first foray into Steamfont. Another nice zone, with a delightful nod to the old EQ1 zone. Today I wasn’t expecting another group invite, but they did me the honor of inviting me to an all Aegis group, and we went into the little Crush dungeon. Awesome little group. Tons of exp and some great drops.

I think I annoyed ’em at first, I commented on the fact it kept saying we’d “discovered” loot items. I thought it was a recurrance of a database issue some of you might recall from a few months back. But apparently one of the loot modes just always does it and they thought I was commenting on the loot mode. And then I sicked my pet on the MTs target way too early and pulled a huge room on us. We survived, but I felt like a real dummy.

I can’t remember who it was that asked, but aegis is from the Greek for goatskin, meaning either a symbollic, regal emblem/shield or a protective influence.

The conjuror class is pretty cool, but I’m still getting my head around the role. I’m so used to either being a support class, and I find myself wanting to think I’m an enchanter. I keep rooting things and wanting to cast slows or debuffs or … or something. I have to admit, frankly, I’m kinda thrilled to find myself grouping too. I’ve been almost afraid to for a long time. And I couldn’t tell you why. Not just in EQ2, in all the games I play.