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Toto didn’t seem too keen on EoF because the Fae are too small – I don’t usually play tall characters so I don’t really get what he’s talking about – and Ramp still hasn’t managed to find the DVD of the expansion in any stores (not even Walmart?)

Personally I’m finding it fairly well rounded so far. I took my illusionist on Befallen over to Nektulous Forest to join Ramp and was wholly unimpressed by the changes there. It just feels empty and mechanical now. If people complained about NF, I think its because they’d just suffered 10-15 levels of tedium in Commonlands. The old NF was rich and vibrant, in a very Freeportian fashion.

Ramp doesn’t seem keen on starting a new character (he considers it starting over, although I think the Fae start so differently that it’s as far removed as it could be from when he started his guy on day 1). But it occurred to me that, just as I don’t have any NF quests, if he comes over to BB, he won’t have any quests there or for CBK, and that’s probably going to sully his impression of the zones; probably after 30ish when we can start doing SteamFont etc is probably a good time for the 3 of us to link up.

I’m finding the pace of gameplay much better than it was at launch. Possibly even a little too fast sometimes such that I outgrow my equipment. To balance that, the trading system has improved a whole lot too. It lacks the slick polish of the WoW system in a couple of places, it almost feels likeĀ surprise development that production approved post-demo, which hasn’t been rescheduled with any finesse time. But its a vast improvement over what they *had* (for old-timers, no, you don’t have to leave your character logged in to sell stuff).

Players now have the ability to make “sales display” containers which you can give to the Broker NPCs in order to expand your vending capacity. I would, perhaps, have preferred if these furniture items went into your house and were visible. But its not a major deal.

So far the Faydwer zones I’ve seen have all felt comfortably like time-advanced instances of the old, EQ1 versions of the zones. Maybe enough time has passed for me to remember Faydark less well, but I even experienced that odd-feeling that Butcherblock zone was the wrong way around north/south until I saw the (now ruined) entrance to Kaladim suddenly anchored the zone and made it all make sense.

Butcherblock seems a wee bit on the small side; but then I haven’t tried any of the linked zones or instances and before I really started adventuring there, rather than just doing quests, I found myself levelling like a loon in Crushbone Keep :) I’m glad of that because I actually foresee myself starting another fae or – atleast – raising another character in EOF. And that, replayability, was something I didn’t feel the old starter areas had much of at all.

If you were so-so between EQ2 and WoW; if WoW won mostly by its simplicity or because you felt EQ2 made levelling like too much work, EQ2’s EoF makes leaps and bounds on those grounds. Definitely worth breaking out your old account and giving it another spin.


Not sure if misread your statement, but the sales displays CAN be placed inside your room. Just add it to the broker slot and then once you are in your room bring up the broker on your sales display board (you should have gotten one for free when you got the free room) and right click on the box. You will have an option to “place” the display.

This allows others to come into your room and buy directly from the display without paying a 20/40% broker fee.

Ey! you have work, dude!


The .who/.own/.status has stopped working on factories.

Leave this gay elfs alone and start working!

And have a Happy New Year

(PS: I was joking, you can play gay elfs as much as you want… if you fix WWIIOL first, of course.)

(PP.SS.: we all love you, anyway.)

Just resubed. Needed to feed my forum addiction. thought you might want to know since you base whether I’m worth talking to on it.

Like anyone but you cares.

Awful full of himself..

I think I was drunk when I wrote that. They have free internet in some of the bars here. That comment looks way more bitter than I remember it being. Sorry.

I didn’t base whether you were worth talking to on your subscription, I questioned certain customer-like expectations in a comment you opened with “I’m no-longer a subscriber”. I generally tell our paying customers where to stick it when they expect *me* to give customer service. Hence I was surprised at you, a then ex-customer, expecting an explanation from *me*. Not that you expected an explanation.

Ampos – it never did work on factories. I just spent 40 minutes going over the changes history to figure out what I’d done to break it. I coulda probably added that feature in the same time, but now my hangover is back :-P

Late, but, Happy New Year KFS1!

Any resolutions?

It didnt work?

Then I have been having allucinations, as since 2 or 3 months ago I use “.own” on any factory to get the factory damage status.

I think it start working after adding “.status” to FBs, and removed lately when you mix it a while ago.

How are we suppossed to know facoty status? Or should we not know it?

Ok. That’s bizzare. You mean you got a broken-assed attempt to describe the factory as an FB so it told you what the “Other:” percentage was?

Since it wasn’t an FB, that value woulda be a little crazy.

I dont remember exactly what the words were, but it was not a bizarre result.

Click on a city name, click on a factory. You typed “.own” and the chat answers the status. New factories said 100%, and every bomb was around a 4%-5%. The result was instantaneous and accurate 100%.

Please, unfix it!!! get it broken again!

All the bombers of this game will love you (more)!

Back on topic, I bought EoF in the hopes that it would make sense to start a new game (for me) in a completely new area with new races, and it did! I don’t understand either the problem with stature… just pick bigger wings or zoom in :/ anyway you fly at heads’ alt.

And BTW, you can tell Ramp that the expansion alone can be bought and DOWNLOADED. I had to buy the whole pack, but EoF alone does not require that.

I’ll actually add a factory specific version, Ampos.

We got Ramp the expansion with my otherwise unusable Amazon Associates funds. Weird thing is, Amazon sells EOF + KOS as a bundle, which is completely pointless since the EOF DVD *does* include both the previous expansions.

Which server are you on? My Fury is “Shoo” on Befallen server. We’re not in the Fay areas but … I’d, ehm, like Ramp in particular to be a member of a guild. You know. For cheaper housing. Honest.

I only have test characters on Befallen, namely a ratonga necro and a already deleted ranger (ranged weapons in EQII are a no-no and there are way better melee rogues).
I will send you an ingame mail :)

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