Alt-F4 Wall of Shame

One-time list of 5 guys names removed since people seemed to believe this was some kind of active listing.


Is it just me or does Alt-f4’ing not seem to be helping these guys.


What is the time period?

I would be VERY interested to see if a certain person from the playschool forums who posted a thread suggesting that all Tiger drivers should Alt-F4 when they hear a sapper placing a charge has Alt-F4’d much himself!

Actualy a top 10 Alt-F4’ers posted in the playschool forums daily would be great!
Name and shame them, might cause a few of them to stop doing it. :-)


Top and bottom players are Allied. Rest are Axis.

ALT-F4 is side biased!

Errr…. or not? :)

Hehehe, how about top 100 ALT+F4 to CS&R? :)

talked to ANDREI21 in-game. He claimed CTHL for those times. He plays early morning (4am) US E.S.T.

Is it still possible for CTHL’s to emulate alt-F4’s?

Nope. This stat is taken from clients that have told the host their user pressed Alt-F4, not from Alt-F4 “detection”.

can’t say I’ve never done it. I’ve done it after a LONG boring bomber intercept mission when no one showed up and didn’t feel like landing and I’ve done it once when I was in the middle of nowhere and saw skirters coming. – I won’t do that anymore!

I would have expected more pilots on there. Figured we cared more about stats then the ground guys. Guess not.

that goatfekker lied to meh!

I have horrible stats and always leave them open. Laffly msp driving rarely pays off…in K/D ratio. :)

Chiefwo, you are good man.

I just did it, but it was because the game locked up on me. Sometimes I can’t seem to get the game to close and I’m trying to figure out if the computer has locked up on me. This happened a lot until I figured out I had a bad memory chip….well, 3 bad memory chips.

I can’t believe I’m not on the list considering how many times I’ve pressed alt-f4 during 1.25.3.

I wonder if that even shows up when the game freezes.

ESC is good enough for me when spiraling down from 7K. :)

Can you guys track the force quit on Macs now or just the PC users?

I’m here to respond to this…so i alt-f4’ed 46 times since 1.25?? News to me bud..why the hell would i want to do that? look at my stats ..not very good eh?My main objective in this game is to help my side win..period
all the other bs is just that..and for you to claim that i alt f4 is way off the i’m here to answer questions… ask away…
btw i learned of this from the spanish foums just today or i would have responded sooner.

in addition to my reply..for the record i’m not saying i’ve never alt-f4’ed before, but i’ve never done it to bail out of a fight … mostly because of a frozen screen..but 46 times??? you gotta be kidding i can’t believe i made number 3 on a wall of shame…wow ,think i’ll print this on some photo paper and frame it.

In order to develop a complete Alt-F4 response in the game, I wanted to first make sure that the “Alt-F4 detector” worked. So in 1.25 there is a bit of code that, when you hit alt-f4 while spawned, sends a message to the host, with its own dedicated callback, which is then recorded separately to the alt-f4 detects.

The stat this post was based on “I pressed alt-f4” message stats that have matching “I think he alt-f4” detects. As there should be, there are more alt-f4 detects (because task-manager end-task looks like alt-f4 too), but there are also no “I alt-f4ed”s that don’t have corresponding detects.

So if you’re not pressing Alt-F4, something on your system is your Windows subsystem that you did. If its not you, you might want to check for trojans/viruses.

cc that Kfsone,i probably don’t maintain my comp like i should as far as checking for viruses ect. i’m not a big web surfer or anything like that,in fact ,playing this game is about the only thing i do on the computer tbh..along with reading the forums at times…so i never put much of a priority on an upgrade.I have WindowsXP home edition and have had to reinstall it a few times since i’ve had this comp due to OS crash problems. I haven’t had to do that in a long time though,but i’ve always had problems with CTD and even more with CTHL…now with the CTHL it’s strange, if i don’t alt f4 within a few seconds of first getting it,my comp locks up and i have to manually hold the start button to reboot and go through all that safe mode bs again…but if i’m able to alt f4 quickly upon CTHL, i am able to just dump the program to my desktop…i’ve always had this problem with this comp.But for all you know i could be lying through my teeth because there’s no proof on my end that i didn’t bail all the time ..well anyway i just would like to add that i’m a fair player and would rather unsub than cheat someone out of a well earned stat so i just thought i’d meet the wall of shame head on.People who Alt-f4 are cheaters in this game and should be shot(ingame),i’m not one of them..thanks for your time sir.

To add to this, i wonder how many others on this list have the same issues? I think they should be given the benefit of the doubt at least.

If I got the point… wrath04 it’s pressing ALT+F4… when he has a freeze spawned in game or while having a CTHL…

Guess the best idea while in a CTHL is wait until ww2ol disconnects you wrath…

btw.. having a CTHL couldn’t allow ALT+F4 report to be sent… but a having a mixed working/no working connection that ends in CTHL might send that report.

So you think my problem could be in my connection? I wonder why it would send an alt f4 report when on my end my comp is frozen or crashing? I don’t know enough about code or connections to really understand what i should do about this(if anything at all).I can’t afford geek squad, and i don’t want to screw my computer up to where i can’t play at all. So for now i think i’ll just try a few things and see what happens.As long as i stay away from the armor and the sappers i wont lose anything real valuable.

nothing personal Wrath. But I hear KFS saying you have a trojan or virus *at best*. I hear you saying you have numerous CTHL…but…you havn’t totally disconnected. I also hear you saying that you don’t have time to do basic maintenance on your computer -but you don’t do anything except play this game and come to the game forums – even though that would not give you a virus or trojan – and even though the forums *would* give you info on fixing your computer.

Thank you for coming here and taking on the issue. But, honestly, I expect that suddenly your alt-F4’s and the other players’ alt-F4’s will be extremely reduced. Why? Mebbe you will fix the problem. Maybe you won’t alt-F4. Or…maybe…now that there is monitoring – you just “won’t”.

Either way – giving information to the masses changes the results. A good thing.

And notice this: KFSONE doesn’t moderate this blog. This is free speech with free info.

It’s not that i didn’t have time to do the basic maint. i guess that was the wrong way to put it, it’s more like i just kept putting it off i guess.. i just wanted a cpu that i could come home from work ,turn on and just play..the problems i have with it weren’t a big deal at the the problems i have are making me look like a cheating bastard so i guess i need to find out what’s wrong and fix it (i hope).But if for some reason i can’t figure it out, It’ll just be stuck the way it is because i can’t afford to replace my comp..
i’ve been to the forums and read some of the different things i could do..i reinstalled the game..made sure all my drivers are up to date..did a virus scan that turned up nothing. I think for now at least,i’m just going to keep playing the best i can the way i have been and if players want to think i’m a cheat, i have no choice but to let em think what they want.. as far as posting the top alt-f4 players, i think it’s a great idea (for real) but i just wish i wasn’t on it…*sigh*…
but that’s how it goes i guess.

PS i’d be interested in hearing from the other players from the “top five” about what’s going on with thier situation as well. Some of them might have similar problems who knows.

(quote) honestly, I expect that suddenly your alt-F4’s and the other players’ alt-F4’s will be extremely reduced. Why? Mebbe you will fix the problem. Maybe you won’t alt-F4. Or…maybe…now that there is monitoring – you just “won’t”.(quote) well monitoring them or not, i’m not going to let my screen stay frozen for 10 or 15 min when i’m guarding a spawn and need to get back there quick just to stay off the wall of shame, as much as i’d like to be off far as fixing my problem, i’m trying my best to do that now.

(quote)Either way – giving information to the masses changes the results. A good thing.(quote)
I totally agree with that,and like i’ve said before, i think exposing alt-f4 cheaters is a great thing…i was just shocked to see my name on that list when i’ve never cheated..if anything, ive lost loads of stats (captures)because of this problem.

The fun thing is that to ALT-F4 is not to cheat. Maybe it is a “coward”/kid tactic, but in no way it is a cheat.

Wrath –

good luck fixing it. Use the Community Forum for Windows and you’ll get great advice. It may be your Internet connection, and have that checked. NETCODE2 is great for telling you when you are getting horrible FPS, bad ping, and dropped packets. Use it. S!

Thanks for all the feedback guys,i look forward to seeing you all ingame :)

Lol i love this kfs1 its absolutely brilliant, it also cracked me up … a trojan could do it…geez who’d write such a thing lol. Hope you alt-f4’s stop now cos u r publicly shamed and dont give the b/s excuse its coded so it shows only alt/f4’s (if i understand kfs responses). Love ur work kf i visit regularly lol.

it also cracked me up … a trojan could do it…geez who’d write such a thing lol.
ahh If you actually read the posts, it was KFS1 who said that i could have a trojan(which i don’t).

Hope you alt-f4’s stop now cos u r publicly shamed and dont give the b/s excuse its coded so it shows only alt/f4’s
Shamed?? yeah shamed because i have lock up problems? losing connection then screen freeze? shame? more like for a B/S excuse, guess you’d have to be here to know the truth..first off as far as stats go,i capture cps..i don’t care about kills or K&D not one bit so what would i have to gain by bailing out?like i’ve already stated, if anything,i’ve lost stats(captures) because of this crap.
So do i feel ashamed to be on this list?
You bet i do..
Do i feel it’s fair?
not really..getting a frozen screen and locking up the game/my computer, then having to cancel the program just to get back to my desktop to launch the game all over again several times a day isn’t much fun..then to be shamed on top of all that just makes me not even want to bother to log in anymore when my game locks up and crashes..
Yeah it sounds like a B/S excuse i know, but if it was ,why would i even bother explaining my situation in here.
So Bring on the Shame Zeffer..i can handle anything you got brother.

I would like to see at least the top 100 Alt+F4 as other stat in the main WWIIonline website, this must be a relieve for some people

You do realise that you obtaint information about and post information of your current employer’s clients on your private web site, right?

Yes, Janus. Wanna place money on whether or not I got permission first?

don’t be an anus, janus! :D

2 questions.

1) What about mac users? Is command-option-escape recorded?

2) Is it still recorded if your system genuinely locks up, and your only choice is to force-quit/end-task? I’ve locked up a few times in-game, and just want to know when it locks up, if it is incapable of sending the alt-f4 message.

As I understand it, KFS1 is capturing an explicit “I was told to quit by Alt-F4” message that’s coming from the client. A complete hardlock, plug-pull, or similar would be very different, because the client wouldn’t be able to “scream” before it died.

I guess I am late to this “alt-F4” party. I’ve not ever used ALT-F4 myself, simply becuase I’ve always used CTRL-ALT-DEL to pull up the tasks windown and then quit a frozen app. What are the benefits of using ATL-F4 as opposed to CTRL-ALT-DEL? I’m guessing I never learned to use it becuase I like to see if in fact the app is frozen or if it is some other type of problem.

I am encouraged that work is being done in this area and hope that in the future we can get server-side disconnects for those clients which have not input in x number of minutes.

5 people, that’s it? or do meh internet skills suck that bad…

Alt-F4 is a quick “please shutdown now” message to an application, which allows the application to do stuff like close open files, finish writing data its in the middle of writing.

End-task kills the application hard, and if the application doesn’t have a handler for the end-task message, without notice. So you can trash your system by end-tasking stuff.

It does, however, generate a fingerprint in the client’s shutdown that we can detect and aside from how we log them, we are currently treating those as alt-f4s.

Abidubi asked about the Mac: I have no clue. If both our Mac users want to press their freaky key combinations, I say let ’em. Everything I know about the Mac is explained in this sentence between the full stop and the word period.

lol. I just CTDed when my panny got hit. Was funny though cuz it took about a second after the hit to CTD.

Anyway, I’d love to see a dynamic list. It’d be very interesting. I myslef have “alt-f4ed” a few times. Most often when I was defending town or an FB, respawn and end up 5 km away. I’m pissed at that moment and don’t even want to wait 10 seconds. I just hit the keys and walk away from the computer. I’ve never “alt-f4ed” to rob someone of a kill, only out of frustration. Like running along in my M10, catch one of those ditches, I almost get out, then I begin to roll over. I just don’t want to even think about it. But all non-RTBs should be awarded as kills anyway, so alt-f4s shouldn’t even be a problem.

Oh and there are 4 mac users, not 3 :P 2 of which are in my squad.

I was interested in hearing a response from Abidubis question myself – Being another mac user. And yes, there are decidely more than two of us Kfsone (ill save what I think about your tired comment for another day).
I have never “Alt-F4’ed” or done anything that was an attempt to leave the game before death in my two years of playing (which is apparently what this alt-F4 thing is all about), but I would like to make sure that when I force quite to get out ot the game when it does its freaking frozen screen thing (rare but it happens) that it is not seen as some form of “cheating”.

Interesting. I didn’t know that “saving it for another day” evidently means “posting like an idiot in the Hangar, revealing to everyone I’m a jackass with no sense of humor and a touchy bastard to boot”.


That, by the way, has NOTHING to do with you being a Mac user. The Mac users in beta are some of the better testers – you’re just a dolt all on your own.

Krenn you dont have a clue what you are talking about.
Anyone who has even the slightest understanding of the MASSIVE issues mac users have had over the past years knows how touchy the subject is. You either were not aware of them when they happened, or could care less when they did. Being poo-poo’ed in forums and ingame by other players is one thing. But to see so cavalier of a statement from a developer is unacceptable.
Who made you the defender of other people anyway? Mind you own business and go back to stroking yourself and pretending you actually know what the hell you are talking.

gentlemen..again; this is not The Barracks.

KFSONE’s statement about MAC sounds quite ‘tongue in cheek’ to me, and may be why some people either “get” Monty Python or they don’t. If you read a lot of KFSONE (I do), then this statement so belies his normal personality, that is quite droll. Quite droll.

Descending into MAC-mania may show more about your native sensitivity, than anything else. Possibly.

Hopefully, you did notice that ABIDUBI also “gets” it, and responded with humor. If you didn’t – you may need to relax and take a long weekend and enjoy yourself – because you are working too hard.

“mac users have had” … “MASSIVE issues” … “over the past years”

Well it’s a good job that supporting a second platform has been a total breeze on our end, otherwise our developers would wind up making bitter “tired comment”s about that part of the project. Phew!

Here’s a simple fact for you – there aren’t enough of you. If you’re touchy about that, please go play something else, because then maybe the number users will drop low enough that we’ll stop spending 5-15% of our development effort on less than 0.5% of our playerbase.

Supporting a second platform was a noble but pioneering thing to do – there are other crossplatform games out there, but there were no other MMOs. It was a stupid decision. The last thing this game needed was to try and pioneer something else when it couldn’t get right what it was already doing. And by ‘pioneering’ I mean that other people aren’t doing it – particularly 3rd party/middleware vendors. We got our SpeedTree license by porting it for them. Take one middleware rendering library and throw away the advantages of buying it – buy porting it to another platform. Great.

When we were considering UI options for 1.19, there were several options we could have bought off the shelf, and had 1.19 out in 3 months instead of taking nearly a year to finish UI development. But none of the really good choices were cross-platform. So we had to reinvent the wheel.

If you were looking for someone who likes, or gives a damn about the Mac, you want to be reading Rickb’s blog. If it offends you that I, as a Linux developer, don’t care a rats ass for the Mac, you should stick with the official forums.

Course – it would totally suck if there was no version of BE for me to play when I buy my intel Mac later this year :(

ok. I was wrong.

…or was I? :)

Ok, so now I’ve got another question. If I, as a mac user, press the key combination alt-f4 (which wont do anything to my game) will it be recorded as an alt-f4?

Oh and we the oppressed people of mactopia (all hail lord jobs) demand a statue in every town in the shape of a giant iMac! >:O

I’d support that if it is given a damage model. Ahhh I can see it now tiny bits of iMac strewn all over the battlefield.

The Mac is a great machine, I just have an issue with the closed system and propietery hardware stuff. Plus growing up in the household of a Big Blue employee forged a bias in me. :)

I don’t believe its based on detecting the alt-f4 combination, but on what that does to a Windows application.

Kfs1, is there any plan to support server side disconnects? Such that is client X has no input for x minutes it is disconnected?

is it true, that you removed the list, because the squadleader of exploiter #2 (rgbger) complained about it?

Erh, no. Can you think of any reason why 5 guys from the 5th of January should have their names held up in perpetuity?

Unfortunately, some of you are – pardon my language, but – so stupid that you couldn’t tell it was a snapshot of the list on a particular date, or that is was merely a top 5 list. It was pretty clear that simply because they were listed on January the 5th, those retards amongst you were singling them out.

Nobody contacted me other than comments still sitting on this blog; if someone complained, it wasn’t forwarded to me.

The one real flaw in the Alt-F4 system is it can’t tell intent. We can improve that by tying it to other data, but that code isn’t implemented.

When I have time to add that, we might see an active Alt-F4ers list on CS&R, but primarily we exposed a sampling of the list here to test the waters, and what we found is that the waters are full of piss and bile. Not exactly a surprise.

Interesting comments.. :D

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