Someone tell me …

… if Adult Swim drop Assy McGee. I won’t watch the channel, period, as long as they are running that show, and I’m kinda missing Family Guy and Futurama, but my aversion to AM is strong enough to overcome even that. And its not about having my sensibilities offended or something. That show needs to be replaced by something with some shred of comedic talent or (if its made by the williamstreet gang, not by their intern’s crack baby)

Expanded adventures in NorathII

Well, Granik, Ramp and myself headed out to Butcherblock. We got Ramp his portal-rights. We’d been going to go to Crushbone but we wanted to catch up Ramp’s AA points and close the level gap a little: My Fury was 28 (and 99%), Ramp’s Guardian was 30 and Granik’s Coercer was 33. We dinged Granik to 34 while he was mentoring me, heh. I made 28 by mistake (had combat exp turned off but turned in a quest). But we finished up 30/31/34.

Lots of AA exp, fair few drops and chests. I always try to avoid grinding any particular mob. My gut read of the game is that its more generous to folks who are killing on a varied diet. When I play this way I find that first-time kills of new mobs have an insanely high chance of dropping a chest, and I often seem to find myself getting the bigger or even equisite chests within the first couple of kills in a relatively new area.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun although I think it may have dragged a little for ramp because we were whirling him through questing a zone that was – for the majority of the evening – just below his level range.

He got a good stack of AA and Granik and I got 2-3 points each I think. We worked thru the Dwarven quests so that we’re starting to get the more enjoyable entertaining ones like the kurkiel (sp?) sabotage quest. There’s a good mix of quests that aren’t pure kill quests. Even if they are actually kill quests, they might have a novel twist on how you trigger the mobs to kill (ghost treants :).

We’ll probably play some more over the weekend and I think a Crushbone attempt is very likely.