Expanded adventures in NorathII

Well, Granik, Ramp and myself headed out to Butcherblock. We got Ramp his portal-rights. We’d been going to go to Crushbone but we wanted to catch up Ramp’s AA points and close the level gap a little: My Fury was 28 (and 99%), Ramp’s Guardian was 30 and Granik’s Coercer was 33. We dinged Granik to 34 while he was mentoring me, heh. I made 28 by mistake (had combat exp turned off but turned in a quest). But we finished up 30/31/34.

Lots of AA exp, fair few drops and chests. I always try to avoid grinding any particular mob. My gut read of the game is that its more generous to folks who are killing on a varied diet. When I play this way I find that first-time kills of new mobs have an insanely high chance of dropping a chest, and I often seem to find myself getting the bigger or even equisite chests within the first couple of kills in a relatively new area.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun although I think it may have dragged a little for ramp because we were whirling him through questing a zone that was – for the majority of the evening – just below his level range.

He got a good stack of AA and Granik and I got 2-3 points each I think. We worked thru the Dwarven quests so that we’re starting to get the more enjoyable entertaining ones like the kurkiel (sp?) sabotage quest. There’s a good mix of quests that aren’t pure kill quests. Even if they are actually kill quests, they might have a novel twist on how you trigger the mobs to kill (ghost treants :).

We’ll probably play some more over the weekend and I think a Crushbone attempt is very likely.

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Hehe, I was doin the stump pulling in my swash partnering with a Dirge both at lvl26. Was terribly funny!

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