Toto wimping on us, Bloo sayeth nay?

Granik, Ramp and myself rolled out the toons again last night. Bruce had said he was gonna be on, we’ve reached his level now (I made 34 last night before Ramp and Granik got on). No show. Another week and it’ll all be “you’re too high level for me” :) Course, the mentor ability is so sweet – with the three of us mentoring him he’ll get 12% bonus exp + his vitality.

Bloo tried Play the Fae┬álast night too, the 10 level Echoes of Faydwer expansion free trial. I’m not sure he was impressed. It was, sort of, comically Bloo :) The Fae aren’t fairies, they’re an aproximation of fairies, but bloo is more old-school and was having none of that. I have to admit, it does seem a little odd that they can’t fly.

But I’m willing to allow Sony creative license on their gameverse and lore. Maybe because I’ve spent so many hours in Norrath, EQ Lore is the real thing to me…