Toto wimping on us, Bloo sayeth nay?

Granik, Ramp and myself rolled out the toons again last night. Bruce had said he was gonna be on, we’ve reached his level now (I made 34 last night before Ramp and Granik got on). No show. Another week and it’ll all be “you’re too high level for me” :) Course, the mentor ability is so sweet – with the three of us mentoring him he’ll get 12% bonus exp + his vitality.

Bloo tried Play the Fae last night too, the 10 level Echoes of Faydwer expansion free trial. I’m not sure he was impressed. It was, sort of, comically Bloo :) The Fae aren’t fairies, they’re an aproximation of fairies, but bloo is more old-school and was having none of that. I have to admit, it does seem a little odd that they can’t fly.

But I’m willing to allow Sony creative license on their gameverse and lore. Maybe because I’ve spent so many hours in Norrath, EQ Lore is the real thing to me…

Wiki entry: “There are many definitions of what constitutes a fairy, sometimes describing any magical creature, like a goblin or gnome, and at other times to describe a specific type of creature, distinct from such creatures as hobgoblins [2]

And why they don’t fly is explained in EQ2s lore. EQ/2 lore borrows from all over the place, sometimes very closely other times not. The fae don’t actually “hover”, they don’t beat their wings, a gift from their creator, the Goddess of Growth, Tunare. They’re gliders like flying foxes, and their feet don’t touch the ground and crush the grass underfoot. Or something like that.

There are some kinda “meh” things about the Fae: As I mentioned before, the fact that they don’t hover over water seems kinda weird – but it fits the above lore if you think about it. They’re not floating on a cushion of wing-generated ground-effect. It’s Fae Magic. And in some traditions, running water is supposed to ward against fairies. It appears that for Fae it breaks their hover.

Making Fae not able to swim would have mean’t a major amount of old-world-refitting (bear in mind this is an expansion, not a new game, and the expansion is actually about the world content, not the Fae). Allowing the Fae to swim puts them on an even keel with everyone else for good and bad.

Allowing the Fae to fly would be “over-cool”. I mean, it’d be really “cool”, but how high can a fae fly? And how far does that mean you can see? And whats up there? If all the content is on the ground how many fae would fly instead of going where the stuff is? Or if you added flying fae content, how fun would finding it be? If you invest all the effort to let the fae fly but most of them just float around near the ground anyway, is it still “cool”?

There’s the issue of size. There is Silvani Form, a quest reward spell that lets you turn into the form of a tiny little fairy; Tinkerbell sized.  Presumably because of PvP servers and the fact this spell makes you all but invisible, it has crazy restrictions on it :( Most dissapointingly, it doesn’t boost the “glide” skill. Anyway, nobody seems to ever use it. Perhaps it is included solely for the purpose of letting folks like me see that SoE made the right choice in having woold-elf sized Fae, especially in a game to which they are an addition and not a central feature.

I agree with Bloo’s take on the Warlock class he played (I played one to level 17), they aren’t the most exciting solo class. “Root, nuke, nuke, did I win?” is how Bloo put it.

Guessing that the 3 of us will no doubt play some more over the weekend. I’m not gonna have a lot of time to, since I lost a day this week and I’m behind on TOEs.


Bizzare. I went to EQ2 players and specifically made everything public. Apparently it toggled everything so you couldn’t follow the link to my character stats. Infact, I still had the page open in a window on my other machine so I just did the save again and it seems to have fixed it.

Alright…all this EQ talk lured me in…..

I just bought eq2, shoudl I buy the Fae thing?

I want to be a shadowknight again..

If you’re going to *buy* eq2, you should buy “EQ2: Echoes of Faydwer” which includes everything – the base game and the expansions (sorry, late for you I realize)

Yeah, the Fae content (EoF) beats the old game hands down :)

OK…I download what seemed to be a copy of the whole internet. I’ve played around a bit, have a troll shadowknight named easting. Level 4, I’ll probably play some more tonight.


/sigh….should have looked into it more.

Oh well. I’m level 7 now.

Easting..why the /sigh? KFSONE has me interested in the game as you were…so, what is the buyer’s remorse?

I said some nice things, too. (I just don’t remember what they were). So, you’re a Furry? I wouldn’t go around admitting that in public, if I were you. :)

It didn’t really grab me. Limiting the free trial to the Faeke fairies might not be a great call.

If I were going to get back into one of these now, it would be WoW – at least until WarHammer comes out. Or Conan. Or Marvel Universe Online.

Well, the /sigh was for not realizing it would have been a better deal to buy the whole thing (as kfs1 suggested) but I got all giddy and credit card happy and didn’t even look into it. So, I have eq2, but now I’m going to have to buy Fae expansion. No biggie, I’m in freeport right now leveling up on quests and orc kiling.

Level 11 Troll SK.

I gotta figure out some stuff, my main weapon is now at 80%! (they decay/degrade?)

Not real clear on exactly how the chat interface works yet.

Each time you die your gear loses 10%. When it reaches 0% you can’t wear/equip it anymore (no other effects I believe).

Bloo – there *is* a non-Fae trial, Play The Fae is really aimed at returning EQ2 players, I just think the new content is superior.

Still at 10 with the Befallen templar. I run from Qeynos to Kelethin at lvl7 to do the Faydwer starting quests instead those in Qeynos. It’s much faster to do something you already know :)

It took some careful running in the wild to arrive there safely, though ;)

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