Ding, 37

We ran a bunch of quests in Enchanted Lands, raked in an awesome amount of exp. Popped into Rivervale and Runnyeye. I seem to recall visiting both zones at about 36 with my Paladin but I appear to have been wrong.

Our main problem with enjoying this exploration is the weird way in which quests get filed. Particularly, there are several quests which seem to get filed under different versions of “Crushbone Keep”. I like Ramp’s idea, tho, of a hotkey to cycle the active quest through those in the current zone. I get most irked when working with the broker interface – it feels like something I might have knocked up if I actually wanted to be working on if I didn’t play the game and wanted to be working on something else.

The other thing driving me nuts is that my house is about full, and finding a house in freeport is hard work. A house upgrade is going to have to help pay for itself, which means I’m going to want to be able to charge slightly more for stuff I sell and hope people will go for the prices and visit my apt to save the broker fee.

Unfortunately, freeport is four very twisty-turny akward zones, a pain to navigate. And thats assuming you count the southern “what about south freeport” zone. The only zone I think you can count on people making the effort to find your apt in is East Freeport. North and South Freeport are confusing warrens, and you have to first find all of the player housing buildings and then click each of the doors to find the one your vendor is in.

East Freeport has just the one – I think – player housing place, the Seafarer’s Inn Royal Suite. Its a 2 room place with only 2 vendor slots. So I have more space for decorating but not for vending. Bleah.

We wrapped up by running Crushbone. Most of the orcs are grey but we found a few greens towards the end of the zone-proper and a couple of quests. After EL, where the exp was quite phenomenal, it was markedly slower, but its a fun zone, and we had our technique down pretty well so that we were tearing through the tripple-ups.