Ding, 37

We ran a bunch of quests in Enchanted Lands, raked in an awesome amount of exp. Popped into Rivervale and Runnyeye. I seem to recall visiting both zones at about 36 with my Paladin but I appear to have been wrong.

Our main problem with enjoying this exploration is the weird way in which quests get filed. Particularly, there are several quests which seem to get filed under different versions of “Crushbone Keep”. I like Ramp’s idea, tho, of a hotkey to cycle the active quest through those in the current zone. I get most irked when working with the broker interface – it feels like something I might have knocked up if I actually wanted to be working on if I didn’t play the game and wanted to be working on something else.

The other thing driving me nuts is that my house is about full, and finding a house in freeport is hard work. A house upgrade is going to have to help pay for itself, which means I’m going to want to be able to charge slightly more for stuff I sell and hope people will go for the prices and visit my apt to save the broker fee.

Unfortunately, freeport is four very twisty-turny akward zones, a pain to navigate. And thats assuming you count the southern “what about south freeport” zone. The only zone I think you can count on people making the effort to find your apt in is East Freeport. North and South Freeport are confusing warrens, and you have to first find all of the player housing buildings and then click each of the doors to find the one your vendor is in.

East Freeport has just the one – I think – player housing place, the Seafarer’s Inn Royal Suite. Its a 2 room place with only 2 vendor slots. So I have more space for decorating but not for vending. Bleah.

We wrapped up by running Crushbone. Most of the orcs are grey but we found a few greens towards the end of the zone-proper and a couple of quests. After EL, where the exp was quite phenomenal, it was markedly slower, but its a fun zone, and we had our technique down pretty well so that we were tearing through the tripple-ups.


Don’t discount North Freeport. It’s an easy zone in from the docks and the broker in East Freeport.

I have a 2 room apt in NQ. I like NQ because it has one single apartment block, one building, six doors in one corridor, not too hard for someone to find you if they wanted to save money. If I’m correct in SoE’s logic there’ll be a similar set-up in FP, but as I don’t play evil I dunno where that’d be (NFP?).

Two rooms have been enough for me up until now. I’m running close to the limit of objects inside but to be honest I dont keep every little thing I get on view. I have a lotta stuff in the house vault.

Having problems finding your way around the zones? Try using the sewers to get around. All main city zones a hop click and jump away in one single room.

And if you thought EQ2 FP was bad. Check out EQ1s Freeport and Commonlands revamp. OMFG I got lost again.


I’m using DeadBeat’s modded UI instead of the default one, and one of the most interesting things is the more complete broker window, with searches and categories.

If you need a quick tutorial, just let me know. Installing is easy. Making it work, so so. I can send you my config.

Please do, Wing, I’m a newb with installing those mods – at least in my experience ;)

Remember to use the directions finder to help you. I never remember if it’s Alt-W or Ctrl-W, but in a housing zone you can select any address and get a glowing trail to it. No need for brute force searching.

My only Freeport char hangs out in either East FP for the broker and easy bell access, or West FP for the broker and easy bank access. If I could have both (like Qeynos Harbour), that’s where I would be. All he does is buying on the broker anyway :)

Go here to download the UI and some FAQ:

Requirements: You will need to have .NET 2.0 installed (not sure about 1.1) and NOT having EQ2maps installed. The UI provides its own EQ2maps version.

After you install it your eq2.ini should be like this (if it’s not, just edit it):
[quote]cl_movie_enabled 0

cl_ui_skinname GeeZers
cl_ui_subdir UI/[/quote]

You can now update the UI (that horrible pink G in your desktop). Update only is good to go, no need for full.

At start the UI is a mess of windows, so this is how I use it. It will be easier to start from mine than from default:
http://www.retena.es/personales/izapata/wwiiol/antonia bayle_rumpelstilskim_eq2_uisettings.ini

Copy it to your EQ2 folder and once in the game, type /load_uisettings and select mine.

I think that’s all :)

Bleah, I have my game under c:\games, and if you put it there, DB maps installs into EverQuestII not EverquestII\UI. I’ll sort it tomorrow and post a bug on the forum.

Ah an organised man!

All my games are in c:\games too.

Mines are on e:\games, c: is just for windows alone :)

Organization…who needs it!

BTW, now a 19 SK, hanging out in the Commonlands, pillaging, questing. Sooooo ready for Harm Touch…

I have a 3.5GB C: drive for Windows alone. D: is for programs, E: for games, F: and G: are just stuff depots and holds the swap file, H:, I: and J: are CD drives (J: is virtual), K: and L: are for download stuff and docs. 550GB total.

daaammn WINGMANN – when would you ever have time to look at all that data? .5 Tbyte. :)

Well I’m going to spend a few hours doing some crafting. I’ve not been playing so much, but with 3-4 of us playing a few nights this week, and going to new zones to do quests each night, we’ve torn thru levels.

That’s really the trick, to try and avoid camping. Ramp wouldn’t believe that I went from 36 to 37 in about 2-3 hours in Zek. But its not the killing, its the rapid turn in of quests.

Once you’re into 20, it *might* be worth going and checking out Butcherblock. Sticking to Commonlands/Nekt is going to bore ya, adventuring out a little spruces things up *and* it seems to keep the exp rate higher.

I have a hunch that variety earns exp; we know they track mob-type kills (“Initiate Undead Killer”, tum-tum tum-tum tum-tum), and I see most chests when starting a new zone. When Ramp and I hit EL for the first time, we got chests of nearly every second mob. When we went back with Toto, it was every 3-4 mobs for a while.

Also seem to see more chests when killing mobs which are on someones quest recipies.

So some nights I tend to run a little ways off and kill a spider or a whatever to spread the mix, and we do seem to get more chests/drops those nights.

I’ll probably be on making furniture for a bit today then I’ve got some stuff to do. I’m hoping Toto/Ramp/Granik will be playing later on.

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