MMORPG Devs: Grow up.

Running isn’t cool. Maybe the trek from Highhold keep to Freeport makes you think of the blonde-bombshell who used to jog past your house in a tight little outfit every morning?

But she was jogging for personal gain not because jogging is cool. And chances are, today, she’s discovered there is a pill she can take that obviates the need for jogging, or she’s bought herself a treadmill, goes to a gym, or has become comfortable enough in life that she forgoes jogging entirely. Most people go jogging to meet a physical need. There is a game where physical needs are simulated for people who are too lazy to deal with their real-life ones, it’s called The Sims. I’ve never played it.

Discovering new areas in an MMO is cool and fun. Revisiting old ones not so cool. Being made to drag your ass through zone after zone/area after area full of grey mobs that you were forced to kill by the 100 until you were sick of them… Somehow that ain’t so fun.

I think the idea that running through old zones, reminiscing about past times, is “developer fantasy”.