More wiretap

I’ve added some RDP-related data to Wiretap (factory stuff). I didn’t get around to adding the RDP progress counters I wanted to add, I’ll do that tomorrow along with some information about captures. The flaw in the capture idea is that I don’t currently write an entry for facilities changing hands due to fallback or allied facilities being auto-converted because of the AB. I’ll look at adding code for that to the host, since it ought to be logging it for administrative purposes anyway.

Found an ancient bug relating to how the game code handled brownouts. Brownouts are when a player disconnects for long enough that the server is about to assume they aren’t reconnecting, but they have re-opened a connection. This caused a race condition which caused an error which caused the particular host to shut itself down with a message “This is bad”. (Not one of mine)

Found it, fixed it, tested it, brought the game down, released it, monitored it while I did the wiretap stuff. I suspect this may have occasionally caused auto-despawns, but I won’t know that for sure until I have more time to research it.

Rapid action

Ours is never going to be a game with “instant action”. It might seem a minor semantic but its one that worries me a lot. It’s a chasm waiting for people to fall into. In BF2 or CS, the particular map you are playing tells you everything you need to know. Being a good team player might require you to absorb a little more information, but if you focus on fragging the right side you can be “good enough”.