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So, Guided Action

The basic premise is: devise a robust set of atoms from the current mass of variables, which tend to indicate selections with a good chance of action and a relatively short time to battle.

Secured By Vista!


Martini has two development boxes, one of them a Vista box. He called me in with a problem. He’d installed something and was trying to compile the sample code, but the files were marked read only. Somehow, he couldn’t remove the read only flag.

He is:

– the only user on the box,
– logged in as the only user on the box,
– a member of the administrators group,
– the owner of the file,
– the owner of the directory,
– the owner of the directorys above it

When he tries to remove the read-only permission from the folder/children or just one of the files, up pop the sequence of dialogs and windows telling him “Someone on your computer is trying to do something that requires administrative approval. We need you to provide your approval [continue]” and “This app is trying to do this thing. Do you approve? [Continue]” (ahh, Microsoft must have played WWIIOL 1.6)

Then finally up comes the progress dialog, the progress bars whizzes along, and then the progress dialog goes away.

Aside from some pretty dialogs, that is all that happens.

Finally the penny drops. Silly, silly man, Martini. Trying to write to something under C:\Program Files\App Directory\.

Now I wonder if this is just a nasty default to protect vista against legacy installers, or if it is something that installers can overwrite. We could not find a way to make these directories writable. That is gonna be awfully inconvenient.

Vista free!

Sorry Mickeysoft, you got me with ME; be sure and drop me a note when you ship the next real Windows upgrade.