Secured By Vista!


Martini has two development boxes, one of them a Vista box. He called me in with a problem. He’d installed something and was trying to compile the sample code, but the files were marked read only. Somehow, he couldn’t remove the read only flag.

He is:

– the only user on the box,
– logged in as the only user on the box,
– a member of the administrators group,
– the owner of the file,
– the owner of the directory,
– the owner of the directorys above it

When he tries to remove the read-only permission from the folder/children or just one of the files, up pop the sequence of dialogs and windows telling him “Someone on your computer is trying to do something that requires administrative approval. We need you to provide your approval [continue]” and “This app is trying to do this thing. Do you approve? [Continue]” (ahh, Microsoft must have played WWIIOL 1.6)

Then finally up comes the progress dialog, the progress bars whizzes along, and then the progress dialog goes away.

Aside from some pretty dialogs, that is all that happens.

Finally the penny drops. Silly, silly man, Martini. Trying to write to something under C:\Program Files\App Directory\.

Now I wonder if this is just a nasty default to protect vista against legacy installers, or if it is something that installers can overwrite. We could not find a way to make these directories writable. That is gonna be awfully inconvenient.


The Program Files directory is now licensed exclusively to the Motion Picture Association of America. Contact your local WalMart for temporary write access.

That’s unfair, they’re just trying to protect me my contribution to society them.

Vista – “Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans and Adware.”
– rickb

What about the OpenGL support?.

Is Vista f*king the OpenGL comunity?

HAHAHA. He said “Open”

I remember something about this in the Vista event I went to the other day. It caught my ear because it’s different than how it works in XP.

I don’t remember the details, but I suspect it’s due to using a normal user account and trying to change a admin protected setting.

If I remember though, it should prompt for admin password (or maybe that’s a setting that has to be enabled (the prompt)). I’m pretty sure it defaults to a normal user account, and there *is* a way to do it. It should be more clear though.

Gawd I gotta read your whole post before I open my trap.

:-) got it Kfsone.

The only thing that makes me to keep windows in my box is WWIIOnline. The day that WWIIOnline runs on Linux, it’s the day that i will remove windows.

I’m not interested in other games very much…

Macs run with an Unix based operating system, isn’t it?. They run WWIIOL on a Unix based box?. It’s a fantasy dream to play this game on a PC-Linux box?.

My new porn name is Vuck Fista

So you like fisting?

There has been a good deal of discussion about the new Protected mode user accounts in Vista over at and over on the GarageGames Forums.
Here’s a couple of handy links with some details of of Vista’s “innovative’ user control lockdown crap. Good thing you guys have an ESRB rating already..

Blog: Vista, the Indie Game killer
Teach Your Apps To Play Nicely With Windows Vista User Account Control
MSDN: User Account Control for Game Developers

rickb’s quote wins!

Ok, Thunder, whats the quote of the ole wiseman?

Macs run with an Unix based operating system, isn’t it?. They run WWIIOL on a Unix based box?. It’s a fantasy dream to play this game on a PC-Linux box?.

I think I might buy a builders account if CRS ever makes a Linux build of WWIIOL, even if it is entirely unsupported to begin with.

once, just one-time, I saw a thread where someone was trying to port to Linux. WWIIOL somebody offered to support the effort but not code it. They/he was positive and being helpful – but CRS was looking for someone to do that.

I’m cancelling my WWIIOL account until it runs on Vista. Time to start crying like a communist and get with the times. Vista is here to stay … so make the game work, or start losing money.

*STOP crying like a communist. You already started.

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